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Lonesome Dove (Lonesome Dove #1)
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Trisha | 495 comments Post comments for Part 1 here.

Sara Weather (saraweather) I first of all will talk about the things I like. I like the setting and most of the male characters.Usually the historical fiction I read is set everywhere that is not America.On a sidenote westerns get a bad rap. I like the different character perspectives. You could have a chapter showing an event then another chapter showing it from a different characters perspective. For the most part the only thing I do not like is the female characters.

Silver | 8 comments I have never really read westerns before, and in part it is because I think there is a sort of stigma about them, and I am sure there really are a lot of bad ones out there, and I have never been really into Western movies and things of that nature.

But a part of me was curious about the genre after reading Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West I loved the atmosphere of the book and the landscape painted and it made me want to explore westerns more.

I did not know quite what I would think of this book when I started reading but I found myself enjoying it more then I thought I would. I love the settings, the descriptions. I think this is a book that does a good job of providing nice visual images without being overly verbose about it.

I was also surprised by the humor aspect of the book, I thought it would just be some dramatic saga, I really enjoy the unexpected comic elements that are added within the story.

I love Gus and Call, and their relationship with each other, how different they are and the banter between them. I also like how you gradually get to know more about the various different characters as the story progresses. I found my opinions on certain characters changing the more I read, and the more I got to know them.

In regards to the female characters I rather like Lorena. I think she is interesting and I am curious to see how her character will develop throughout the story.

Sara Weather (saraweather) Once I got past part 1, I actually like majority of the characters now. The women characters are really cool now. I actually do not like a specific character that was okay at first. I was suprised by the hilariousness and unpredicatableness to it.Call,Gus, and the hat creek outfit gang are awesome.

I went to the store and found out that Lonesome Dove is part of a series. I cannot wait to finish it to see the television mini-series.Then while I was looking up the miniseries, I got spoiled which kills me so much.

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Bob | 4850 comments Mod
Lena wrote: "Page 233. Not sure what to make of Lorie. It seems to me by now she has enough to go where she wants the easy way. Is it the idea of adventure that makes her take the hard road? I guess both horseb..."

Lena I moved my response to the spoiler thread.
When the cattle drive reaches the first town large enough to provide cross-country transportation. Lorie can go on to California alone or stay with Jake Spoon. Lorie does not want to be alone. Alone in California she is afraid people can see the scarlet "W" on her chest, and she will end up back on her back in some rundown saloon. If Jake stays with her she can holds on to the hope that they'll get married and live happily ever after. I don't think adventure is Loire's plan, she wants the good life.

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Bob | 4850 comments Mod
I was planning on being a voyeur for this buddy read. It’s been about 25 years since I read Lonesome Dove. It’s one of my top favorites. I’m curious at how people would take this book. A lot has changed in 25 years since I read this, it’s a rough and tumble, and has zero pc. I’m looking for reactions to the snake nest, Blue Duck, Call’s beat down of the Calvary Scout, the hanging Jake Spoon, or Calls inability to acknowledge Newt.

The months only half over I’ll hold out hope.

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