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Jada {Tired of the Drama} (jadamc1) | 8 comments Mod
Regular charries that can be friends of the family you know

History: Must be long to be approved
Deaf or hearing:
Know sign language?:
School and grade:((Carlton school for the deaf or Buckner hall))

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 4 comments Name: Steven Tyrannus Baldonado

Nickname: Steven

Age: `14

Gender: Male


Personality: kind, caring, smart, outgoing, athletic, and friendly

Older brother, 16 yrs old[open for creation, deaf]- Ryan

Mother, deaf, only mentioned, 50 yrs old- Elizabeth

Father, deaf, only mentioned, 50 yrs old- Carl

History: Born to two deaf parents, Elizabeth and Carl, 2 years after they had their first child, Ryan. Ryan turned out the be deaf and he got all of his parents' disabilities. Ryan was only 2 years old when Steven was born. Steven also turned out to be deaf and he cannot talk. He got all of his parents' disabilities. Steven started playing Football from a very young age. One day he met Kathy McCallister and became friends with her. Steven has been around hearing kids too and he used to think they were all bad, but upon meeting Max, that changed Steven's mind and he would use sign language to talk to the hearing kids who could use sign language as well. He would rather spend his time around kids he is friends with than kids he has to deal with every day at school.

Deaf or hearing: Deaf

Know sign language?: Yes

Likes/dislikes: Football (likes), Bullies (dislikes), and taking pictures (likes)

School and grade: Carlton School for the Deaf/Freshman

Other: owns a small yellow skateboard. Friends with Kathy.

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