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message 1: by Morgen (new)

Morgen Love | 55 comments Mod
This group now has a Facebook page! Just look up "Poets Of America" and it should pop up. Like Please!

message 2: by Morgen (new)

Morgen Love | 55 comments Mod
Here is the link! Finally I got it up. By the way the Facebook name has changed as well as the Goodreads name from The Poets of America to The Poets of The World. Thought I would let some other people enojy this group too.
Please like it!

message 3: by Morgen (new)

Morgen Love | 55 comments Mod
Like us! Also feel free to share any facebook pages you have!

message 5: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Pivonka | 2 comments I love to on Facebook I love to talk to family. And friends

message 6: by Mary (new)

Mary (mlundstedt) | 17 comments Morgen, I think you "Little Fly" is just perfect!

message 7: by Morgen (new)

Morgen Love | 55 comments Mod
Thanks mary, that fly was annoying. For those of you who don't know what's she's talking about, here it is.
Dear little fly,
Buzzing by,
Please shup up,
Or you shall surely die.
Not a very hard one to remember!

message 8: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Brackett (kbpoetry) | 2 comments You can find my page here
Got tons of poems, pictures, even videos!

message 9: by V. (new)

V. Pain (Vpain) | 7 comments My facebook page:

I have some poetry that isn't in my book featured in my "deviations" at WAKE UP GROUP!

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