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Daniel A↓↑ A↓↑ (MrMasterSword) | 141 comments Mod
((The second portal to the Underland is located here. It's so easy to get to the Underland, it's like a walk in the park.))

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ella runs through the park they are chasing her she spots the iron door things -that lead to the under land- its to early to be seen its like still dark out so she starts yanking as hard as she can and looks over her shoulder and the doors come loose so she jumps in and closes them as soon as they come to view.she holds her breath as they start growling. "where is that little brat?!" "maybe she went back" "fine well go back!" i heard them trooping away and sighed and went down the stairs a little way.

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i carefully headed down through the sewer systems i had no idea of how i was in the sewer system until i saw different tunnles heading off into different directions i chose the oldest looking one that was marked with a DO NOT GO IN sign.

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ella  | 158 comments Mod
i heard rushing sound that i recognized as water and heard ruff sounds drifting up to me that i recognized as voices in rat?.... they sounded to large to be rats but what am i to be saying things like that i looked towrds the water sound and saw an oping in the wall i rushed over to it as i heard the sounds comeing closer and saw a whole bunch of critters coming my way from the voices. " im hungree" complaind one as i peerd over the edge "i am to so shut it! wait i smell something different..." that made me start to worry so a swung my leg over and was about to jump "hmm it smells like human and other sents" said the voice it was coming closer so i shut my eyes and jumpd. continue on the water way.

Daniel A↓↑ A↓↑ (MrMasterSword) | 141 comments Mod
Gregor and Boots arrived at Central Park. Boots played on the playground; Gregor sat on on of the benches. Boots fell asleep on one of the swings so Gregor decided it was time to go. When they were walking out, Gregor noticed the rock that lead to the Underland! Gregor headed toward the rock with a sleeping Boots in his arms. "Maybe know's a good time to return.," he thought. And he headed down; down to the Underland...

Daniel A↓↑ A↓↑ (MrMasterSword) | 141 comments Mod
((I gtg cuz mah dad's bein' really annoying and I gotta get off. BYE!))

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boots: i woke up in grgors arms i squrmd relizing we were going to see big bats and beeeg bug temp! "ge-go i want temp!" i said squrming even mor i was relly happy we were seeing temp and big black bat ((aka ares she dosent know hes dead sadly))

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" ge-go is mama going with us?" boots said as she struggled and she heard a ringing from his phone

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