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Snape's Actions
Kevin Kevin Sep 15, 2012 12:17PM
I was curious to hear opinions on this. After reading all 7 Harry Potter books we understand so much more about Snape's motivations. But there is one hole that I found. Voldemort was in Hogwarts on Quirell's head the whole first year and saw every action Snape took to keep Quirell from getting the stone. 1. Why wouldn't Voldemort use Snape to help him? 2. Why would Voldemort still trust Snape after he fought directly against him?

I felt like Voldemort didn't use Snape because Snape was being used as a "double agent" for Voldemort. He didn't want to risk his great asset in case he failed (which Quirell did fail). It wouldn't do to have Snape found out or destroyed in the process (in Voldy's mind, that is).

C.C. But wasn't this the type of situation for which double agents exist? If Snape was true to Voldy, as Voldy would have to think, he could ensure that th ...more
Sep 26, 2012 11:23AM
Jeni Well, yes, I just mean I think Voldy had other plans for Snape. He was a quivering mass of Vold-puddle in Albania, apparently, when poor Quirrel happe ...more
Sep 27, 2012 05:36AM

1) I'm sure this was answered in snapes discussion with bellatrix and narcissa when he made the unbreakable vow. Snape told voldemort (which he repeated to bella) that he believed him to be dead and was basically covering his own back by supporting Dumbledore in protecting the Philosophers Stone. He claimed that he would have helped Voldemort if he had known that he was 'back' (albeit living in the back of someone's head.)

2) Snape was a double agent but Voldemort didn't know this. Because Snape was a 'talented occlumens' he was able to hide his true motives from Voldemort. He lied to him and told him he would have helped (as above.) Snape played a great role as Voldemorts right hand man, so much so, Voldemort believed his lies which is why he still used him in battle.

Voldemort was arrogant enough to overlook the magic of house elves when he took creature to the cave. I think it's plausible to assume he was arrogant enough to believe that nobody could deceive him so Snape got away with it.

That was my take on it anyway.

Jeni I think you make a great point that Voldemort wanted Snape to remain a double agent. He did not reveal himself to Snape in Harry's first year, and so Snape could easily be believed when he said that he thought Quirrel was acting on his own greed. If Voldemort had revealed himself to Snape in the first book, we may not have had the rest of the series!

This was actually answered in, I believe, the 5th book in the beginning when Draco's mom goes to Snape for help. Belatrix asks Snape the same question. For Snape's part, Voldemort never revealed himself to Snape so all Snape saw was Quirrel trying to get the stone, so worked to stop him. For Voldemort's part he was so weakened at that point that he couldn't risk revealing himself to anyone he wasn't 100% sure of or couldn't control so didn't try to get Snape's help.

Voldemort didn't trust Snape to help him because he thought he had went to the other side, Dumbledore's side. Second, when did Snape fight directly against Voldemort? Sorry, don't remember that bit, if you could remind me.

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