One Piece, Volume 1: Romance Dawn One Piece, Volume 1 question

Favorite One Piece character?

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Zoro and Nami. And, of course, Luffy.

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I'm surprised no one has mentioned Franky yet.
My favorite is tied between Zoro and Luffy they are the craziest devils in one piece! Chopper is also on of my favorites because he's sooo cute!!!

Sanji for the win!! (He's like a duck)

ussop! since he is a good sniper.

Luffy, why? Gumo Gumo no! :)

One Piece is really great. I love it, actually. I don't really have a favorite character in the book because there's so many to choose from, but there are a few characters that get me a little ticked off. But over all, most characters are great, especially the Straw Hat Pirates.

My favorite is Nami. She is tough, but also has a soft caring side.

Definitely Trafalgar Law, closely followed by Zoro and Robin.

Levi wrote: "I'm interested if there are any other One Piece lovers out there. I am only one book 21, but I love the series. What is your favorite character and why?"

I'm not only really at the start of the series but my favorite so far has to be Zoro, he's such a cool character yet the stupidest things end up happening to him...

Chopper!!! Chopper!!!!!

Love One Piece!!
I would say Ace, Zoro, and Luffy.
They're hilarious!

Zoro and Luffy coz they kick ass!!
And chopper, so cute!!!!!!!!!

I have four! Zoro, Ace, Marco and Law! Their all bad ass and they KNOW it and they SHOW it!

Captain Luffy.
No matter what obstacles are in his way his devotion to friendship, a smidgen of stupidity, and a lot of heart always points him in the straight and narrow. :)

Zoro because he is awesome.
I always like it when he gets lost somewhere.

I like Zoro and Luffy cause they kick @$$!!!

Why not Dragon ?? Hasn't done anything in the story yet, but still considered one of the most bad assest character !

Right now i am on vol 3 and i have to say my favorite if Luffy. He is so cocky, and has such a childish look on everything.

Of course I LOVE LUFFY and Zoro.
Recently I also love Trafalgar Law. The three of them are just so COOL!!
But still in coolness I guess Zoro since he is tough and the only person that fights shortly especially in Dressrosa he wasn't injured at all. I also like how loyal he is to his friends and how he takes care of them. Like when they were in Skypea with Usopp and when he explained to Chopper about teamwork in Alabasta. One of his best moments was the time he takes Luffy's pain.

My favorite is zolo and my second is luffy

I love Zoro and Shanks. I find Luffy and Usopp and Brooks Hilarious. I love them all, because it's my favorite anime.

I'm with Roronoa Zoro all the way! Who wouldn't stand by an awesome "Pirate Hunter" anyways?

I love zolo

MMONKEY D. LUFFY of course he's the epic number 1 for me!! and then PORTGAS D. ACE, continue with RORONOA ZORO!!!


Levi wrote: "I'm interested if there are any other One Piece lovers out there. I am only one book 21, but I love the series. What is your favorite character and why?"


Robin & Zorro and of course Luffy!!! ♥♥♥

ohhhhh i'm such a One Piece fan and a absolutely adore Chopper he's so cute:)

I love Zoro, he's brave, strong and always keeps his word. But I also love Luffy, he's so funny :)

U 25x33
Connor Mine is prob Shanks
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Personally my favorite is also Zolo. he's pretty awesome.

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Luffy, Zolo, Sanji.

I would probably have to go with Zolo, he's strong, brave, just plain awesome, and always tries his hardest no matter what happens, he has a lot of will power and determination, and won't let anyone bring him down.


Ace because he's got such a powerful character and he's feared

I love the Red Hair Shanks , he is totally cool and an awesome pirate!!

Chopper!!! He's so cute but he is really powerful and helpful since he's a doctor

Of course Luffy. He is totally cool. But I love all the crew of mugiwara pirates. They are like a family. If someone is missing, it's not perfect.

I have only watched one piece and a like it quite a bit. My favorite character is indubitably Zoro!

Love One Piece, watching it mostly!!
Ace would be my top pick just because he's awesome, and being Gold Rodgers son doesn't hurt.
Luffy and Zoro tie for second, two badasses!

I love everyone of the crew. Best comic ever!!!! Eiichiro Oda is a genius!

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I think we all love the main crew, so it would be more interesting to see who are the most loved / hated or most interesting characters OUTSIDE OF Going Merry / Sunny Go crew. My list, except for Bon Clay I didn't sort the rest in any order:

Bon Clay (Best & True Friend!)
Curly Dadan
Tom san (Shipwright)
Koshiro sensei + Kuina (Zoro's young friend)
Dr Hiriluk
Dr Kureha
Crocus (Ex Pirate King crew + laboon's friend)
Gold Roger
Adm. Kizaru
Bartholomew Kuma
Belle-mère (nami/nojiko mum)
Shakky + Silvers Releigh
Granny Nyon
Gan Fall
Daz Bones
Doc Q (Blackbeards)
Don Chin Jao
Adm. Fujitora
Marco (Whitebeards)
Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeards)
Smoker + Tashigi
Montblanc Cricket + Noland
Nico Olivia
Perona (Hot!)
King Riku
Senor Pink
Zeff (Red Leg)

Full list of all characters:

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Shanks ! ,Ace and luffy ^_^

Well you could probably tell by my icon that Zoro's my favorite. I like swordsman characters and Zoro's tough cool strong and loyal to his friends. I like the fact that he can take on Luffy no hesitation.
But I also like Robin cause I want to be an archaeologist and I also like Luffy cause he's funny and Nami cause she's cute and smart.

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