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((Start where you left off))
I tried not to scream as my prep team ripped the hair off my body. I had been hosed down in icey water, been forced to strip down in front of random people, and now this?

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas  | 79 comments The bath was warm, though the hair removal was horrible. I heard a tribute screaming at the other room. I disliked the clothes they had put on me. All glittery and stuff, bleagh. I would have prefered something in wich i could move in. A skinny tight dress while smiling was my worse nightmare.

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 35 comments Melody bit her lip as her prep team fixed her up.

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((What's D3's trait? We need to dress like our district))

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Impassive expression. Blank eyes. Not a peep when I'm scrubbed and plucked and bathed and scoured. Those were Helena's instructions. I knew she was mad, but this is ridiculous. Maybe she likes the pain. But as for me... I feel like a chicken being plucked for a Sunday roast. I close my eyes. Stupid cow. She was still fiddling with that knife when we got off the train. No wonder the prep team stayed well away from her. They'd be lucky to get away with their long eyelashes, big perms and feather hats all still in tact. I flinch. I'm going bald by the second.

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas  | 79 comments (district 1 luxury)

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 35 comments ((d3 is technology))

After the prep team was finished they looked at her. "I think it's time for Valentino," one said. The others nodded. They all left. Soon a man came. He looked at her like an artist's looks at their muse. He grabbed a robe and tossed it to her. "Why don't we talk in here," he said gesturing to a small room. Melody nodded throwing on the robe. She followed him. They sat down. "I'm Valentino. Your stylists," he said smiling at her. She looked at him and noticed how non-capitol he looked. He was almost... plain.

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 35 comments ((12 is minery))

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I look... well, I don't know what. I'm in a black bathing costume, over which is a long, see through, lace dress. If you looked closely, you could see the dress was actually made of fishing nets. It is slim fitting, long, elegant... it makes me out to be glamorous. Something I'm so not. But Helena is satisfied, so I don't argue. She still has the blade in her hand and I don't like my chances winning in a fight with her.

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas  | 79 comments (2 is masonry)

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 35 comments ((7 is lumber))

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((That's what I thought))
After the torture of getting me all preped up, I'm brought to my stilis. We sit staring at each other when she hands me a long flowing silvery dress. I slip it on. It flows around my ankles and gives me a look of angelness. I sigh.
"It's perfect," I say. She smiles and I wonder why she doesn't talk. She presses a hidden botton in my shoulder. I look down at the sound of gears churning and metal clanking when I realize I'm growing wings. My dress turns into gears turning and I look absolutly beutiful. Wait till the capitol sees.

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 35 comments Melody nodded. His smiled faded. "People told me you weren't a talker. Why is that," he asked. Melody saw what he was doing and kept her mouth shut. Valentino laughed. "Of course," he smiled again at her. "Well. How about we discuss your costume,"

((Can it be like katniss and peeta with the fire?))

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My stylist leads me down to meet Xander, who is dressed in a stylish but slightly odd fisherman's outfit. He has a fishing rod in his hands. I raise my eyebrows questioningly to the stylist, Taggart, who grins and takes the hook at the end of the line. He hooks it onto the back of my dress and then begins to arrange the bottom of my netting dress. When I look down, I see he has arranged it into the shape of a mermaid's tail. Oh. Xander is fishing me out of the water. I am a mermaid. Taken from my home and stranded, in a place I won't survive. Oh the irony.

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(( ;) ))

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 35 comments ((Can someone answer my question!!!! Can d12 do the same thing katniss and peeta did in the chariots with the fire))

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas  | 79 comments (well if you want but it couldn't be very original)

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((Yeah, its up to you but I think the whole point is to be creative, instead of rewriting the real Hunger Games??))

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas  | 79 comments (sure ok we can be like unofficial friends)

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I walk through the corridors to my charriot, head high. My dress is made of gears that just keep spinning on their own accord. My wings flap behind me. My hair is a dark streak that flows behind me as I hurrry to the charriot. I must say, I look beutiful.

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 35 comments ((I just can't think of anything that wasn't mentioned in the book.))

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((You could do... flaming crowns with a dark black jumpsuite with flame print accross the middle))

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Halle (thepotterhead) | 25 comments Her team made Blythe "presentable" in a flurry of waxing, scrubbing, and polishing. She now stood in her carriage, looking radiant. Blythe's stylist decided farmers for District 11 were out. She was the source of the crops: the sun. Her shimmering yellow dress and crown set off her dark hair and highlighted the amber in her eyes. She stood with her partners arm around her waist. She found out his name was Riley. He was water. His blue shirt flowed like liquid over his toned arms.

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Halle (thepotterhead) | 25 comments (( you could always do something with medicine ))

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 35 comments Katie wrote: "((You could do... flaming crowns with a dark black jumpsuite with flame print accross the middle))"

((I actually found a dress that fits your description kinda. Here's the link:

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 35 comments Melody saw her outfit and stiffled a gasp. It was beautiful. Valentino handed it to her before leaving the room so she could change. She put it on.

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Halle (thepotterhead) | 25 comments (( oh look! it showed up! ))

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas  | 79 comments Though I looked pretty in my outfit I felt unmovable and like I could only walk. My dress was shimmery hot pink with glitter and feathers and a white sash. I wore a tiara on my head and my hair was braided and then they cut a centimeter.

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas  | 79 comments Though I looked pretty in my outfit I felt unmovable and like I could only walk. My dress was shimmery hot pink with glitter and feathers and a white sash. I wore a tiara on my head and my hair was braided and then they cut a centimeter.

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas  | 79 comments Though I looked pretty in my outfit I felt unmovable and like I could only walk. My dress was shimmery hot pink with glitter and feathers and a white sash. I wore a tiara on my head and my hair was braided and then they cut a centimeter.

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Halle (thepotterhead) | 25 comments Blythe felt so relieved. Just before the team had tried to dye her hair blue, her stylist had jumped in. Weston had insisted that she look natural for the Games. Thanks to him, Blythe was still Blythe.

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We step into the carriage, fishing line and all. I feel... okay, given the circumstances. I feel like my outfit has given me an identity. I am stranded in somewhere new. With people who don't really understand who I am or how I work. But I am beautiful. I am different. And I shall make sure I am unforgettable.

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas  | 79 comments In the carriege next to Seth I tried smiling but ended up laughing my butt off. Turns out Capitol people dress funny.

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 35 comments Halle wrote: "(( oh look! it showed up! ))"

((IT DID!!!!!!)))

Valentino came back in. "Before you can see yourself we have to do your hair and make-up. I have asked the prep team to let me do these things," he said. He gestured for her sit down in a chair and she did. He did her hair first. He braided my hair and wrapped it around. ((Here's link to pic: He started on my make-up then. He had a fine layer of red/orange eyeshadow and some red/orange lipstick, but that was it. "I want you to look as natural as you can," he said before he spun her around to look in the mirror. She couldn't believe her eyes. The girl in front of her was not her. The girl in front of her was beautiful. No. Gorgeous. No. Radiant.

((OKay so I took the last part a little from the book I just liked it that much.))

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My knuckles are white. I cling to the side of the chariot and feel the blood drain from my face as Taggart does final touches to my make up. He paints a tear drop running from my eye. To the Capitol, it's a symbol of water. It just relates to my district. But to me, it's like painting how I feel on my face. But I put on what I hope is a feisty and flirty expression and rock gently as the chariot begins to roll out of the stables.

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 35 comments Valentino smiles before shooing me to the chariots. "I'll be right back," he says before disappearing. Melody nods and walks up to her chariot. She stands beside it waiting for her tribute partner, mentor, or Valentino.

((Does anyone want to make d12 boy?))

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((Actually can't wait for the Games to start now!! It's going to be really good!))

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Rhea | 6 comments ((Yeah should be really fun))

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As the ride goes on, I have a change of heart. I am strong. I am feisty. I have been trained for this by my own brother, who was the last to die in his Games. I have been wielding knives since I could toddle, making nets since I could hold the threads, fishing with my father since I could hook a line. I am determined to win this. I want to get home.
I feel the colour come back in my face as we drive past the roaring Capitol citizens. I grin, I wave, I wink, I blow kisses to the crowd, I pose. Okay, it may not really be me, but who cares? If those Capitol citizens are my only hope, then this is how I will be. I catch Xander looking at me, bemused. "What?" I mouth. He shrugs, still smiling. "Nothing."

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I catch the eye of another girl. Not quite sure what district she is but she grins and winks at me teasingly. I wink back and give a mischievous little smile. Okay, well, even is she resigned to her death, she isn't letting it get her down. She looks younger than me. I wonder if she knows I am a career. I give a round of sly smiles and small waves to all of the other tributes, who look rather shocked. And just a little intimidated. I smile to myself.

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I mouth back, 'you look stunning' to her. We may be shoved into an arena and ordered to kill each other, but compliments where compliments are due. I look at the boy from her district. He looks at me warily and then to the girl. I mouth to him, 'I haven't killed you yet, honey, don't need to get all stressed', and give another wink.

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I start to laugh. Freaking out the competition. Ah, such fun. Xander looks at me like I've lost it. The other boy in the chariot looks angry. This just makes me laugh even more. Tears roll down my face, no longer the painted ones done by Taggart. Xander digs me in the ribs and I try to sober up. I look back at the boy and mouth "Run."

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I wipe my eyes and turn to Xander, who checks my make-up. It seems weird to laugh with the girl, who I have never known, and probably will never get to know. I might even be the one to kill her. I hope not.
I continue giving flirty smiles to the Capitol, wiggling my fingers at the camera. Every so often I catch that girl's eye and we smile. I wonder what her name is.

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I close my eyes and wish. I'm not exactly sure what I'm wishing for. Maybe to win the Games. Maybe not have to kill that girl. Maybe there being no Games at all. I don't know. Maybe one day I will.

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I hesitate. Then, "Ayza. District 4. You?"

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I shake my head laughing, as she mimes chopping wood. "How old?"

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I nod. "Hence the fishing rod attached to my back," I mouth. "Oh, and 16."

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I grin. I would ask her to ally with me, but I don't know if I even want allies. Less people get hurt that way. I look at Xander and mouth back "He's alright, just watch him though" as I elbow him and shoot him a smile. "What's with Mr Stressy next to you?"

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"Course he doesn't like me. And no. I can do this." I ignore Xander who is trying to get me to shut up. "Tell your little friend to grow up, will you?" I mouth, channelling my inner Helena. "This is the Games. And anyway, what is there to like?"

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