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Martial Arts.

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Grace walked in

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Grace went to the weights, and started lifting them

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Grace continued to lift the weights

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Grace stopped. "I'm Grace. Who're you?"

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Grace smiled "Pretty name."

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Grace nodded and watched her

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments John

I came into the gym to see two hot girls gyming. Pretending not to pay too much attention to them, I went to warm up on the tread mill. Time limit: 30 mins, Speed: 7

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory entered the gym somewhat cautiously. She had pulled her loosely curled hair back into a knot on top of her head and her pastel grey eyes scanned the area with interest. She was wearing her simple jogging shorts and had retorted to wearing sports crop top seeing as how she had forgotten to do the washing again.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments John

While I was on the treadmill I saw another girl enter and thought "A guy surrounded by girls." My instinct was to get down and come in after these girls had gone but I stayed on.

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Bookhog1 wrote: "Tamina narrowed her eyes slightly. "Who are you're friends?""

"None of your buisness" Grace said

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory looked around and wished instantly that her brother was didn't talk to girls, mainly because of an incident back in fifth grade witch left her with shortly cropped locks. A hairstyle that had been almost a sign for bullies to constantly push her and make remarks about how she wasn't wanted and that everybody hated her. She carefully made her way around the room and picked up some smaller weights from a box, only around 15kg. She then went to a secluded corner of the room beginning to lift the weights easily in her arms. She would stretch out in a minute but for now she just wanted to do something easy.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I stopped doing the treadmill and went on to the cycle. I had to do this before I started lifting the weights.

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory stopped the weights momentarily looking around the room again before stretching out she began with her arms and then worked her way down her body, her flexibility clearly visible through the suttee flexes of her back and legs.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I was concentrating on this girl while cycling. She was unlike the other girls and I liked her attitude. She also made me curious. So, I stopped cycling and went over to her, taking a ten kg weight with me.

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wanderer (chloemai) Rorys eyes slid over to the guy approaching her. Since losing her son she had become a very introverted character and secretly she was slightly depressed. She stopped her stretches after a few moments and thee began running her fingers along the scars that marred the insides of er arms, caused by self harming. This was a sign that she was beginning to get nervous, a feeling that she certainly didn't like.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I saw that that girl was getting nervous, but I didnt know why so I kept my distance and greeted her. "Hi. Your name?"

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wanderer (chloemai) "Rory." she replied in an even tone.
"And yours?" she asked beginning to regain some of her confidence. She was just socialisin. She told herself. Her brother had encouraged her to begin to make friends while he was gone. She looked up at him realising that he had to be at least 8 inches taller than her. And that 8 inches went a long way when you were the smaller person.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments "John." I smiled at her. "Not a bad name. Your real name or nick name?"

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wanderer (chloemai) She raised her eyebrow
"What makes you think Rory isn't a real name?" she asked but continued to speak.
"My real name is Aurora. But I only allow people who are important to me to call me that."
Her voice could almost be described as syrupy, maybe even slightly suductive, but that was her usual tone.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments "Woah! Woah! Calm down! I had never heard Rory as a name before that is why I inquired. So can I call you Aurora?"

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wanderer (chloemai) "Depends if your willing to make yourself important to me." she said. She had trouble around people. She couldn't bare to be touched, from her earlier experiences with males, even her brother wasn't allowed to approach her. She was to scared. To terrified in case she was taken back to the abuse. Taken back to being violated.

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Cal walked in the gym and searched the people for friendly faces. Call was wearing a tight tanktop, and sweats. ALl of the people there seemed nice enough, even though she knew eack and every one of them had many of dark secrets. You had too, coming here to be a spy. She decided to take a chance and walked up to a small girl about five feet tall, and a guy that was a lot taller. "Hi. Oh...! I'm sorry," she said as Cal realized she had totally butted into their conversation, "did I just totally butt into your conversation?" She groaned inwardly thinking about how stupid she could be. "sorry! sorry. Gosh i'm an idot!"

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I had just kept my weight down and was gonna offer my hand to Rory when this girl cam in. Trying to be friendly, I said, "Not at all. Its good to have some friends in this lonely place. By the way, Im John."

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory's eyes darted around. She wasn't really one to hang around in groups and the additional third person was beginning to make her incomfortable. She began to run her fingers along her scars again in an attempt to soothe herself.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I could sense that Rory was feeling uncomfortable by our presence so I asked the new girl who had come, "Why dont we go there?" I pointed to a really open corner.

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory looked around again. If she was being honest she didn't want them to leave. She had just seclided herself away from people for so long that she didn't know how to act around them. She brushed some hair out of her eyes a did the thing she really didn't want to do. She introduced herself to the girl.
"Hi,I'm Rory." she said in her soft voice. Intelligent grey eyes looking up at the girl. She made an attempt at a smile. But anybody could tell that she wasn't used to thi kind of socialising.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I smiled internally at Rory's effort to connect. "Oh well. That means we can stay here and talk, right Rory?" I asked her as I was still getting confused with her.

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wanderer (chloemai) "" she said giving a slight nod of her head. As long as they didn't touch her she would be safe, she would be fine, right? It wasn't as if she couldn't protect herself anymore. But the memories still haunted her mind, slipping into her dreams every night.

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"Hi. I'm Cal. So..... how old are you guys?" She said, tyring to make an attemped to a conversation.

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wanderer (chloemai) "Im 17" Rory whispered softly. Her gaze travelling over them in case either made any attempt to approach her closer. She brushed a curly strand of hair that seemed to had escaped away from her eyes.
"What about you?" she asked, still her voice was quiet, yielding, as if she dare not talk in a normal tone to other people.

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"I'm uh, i'm 15." She had softened her voice, seeing that Rory was very shy. It was hard for her, because Cal is so friendly, but she knew it wuld be worth it. "How about you" She said, turning to the guy. "How old are you?"

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Bookhog1 wrote: "Tamina shook her head. "I meant something else.....never mind. I hang out with the guys.....""

"Oh. Is there something wrong with hanging out with the guys?"

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"I hang with everyone." Grace said

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments Katie wrote: ""I'm uh, i'm 15." She had softened her voice, seeing that Rory was very shy. It was hard for her, because Cal is so friendly, but she knew it wuld be worth it. "How about you" She said, turning to..."

"I am 18 and I think you girls should carry on. I can see that you guys are not comfortable." I said the last sentence rather softly so that they would not be able to hear.

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wanderer (chloemai) She thought for a second and Ren realised something.
"I have to go, I forgot to feed my cat, feel free to talk to me later." she was preoccupied with feeding Boz now and her voice had come out clear and quickly. She made her way out of the gym and headed to her room.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I stared after her. When she wasnt self conscious she looked really pretty and care free. I hoped she would always be like that.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I was happy to see another guy here. I was really getting fed up surrounded by girls.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I took up a fifteen kg weight and went to that guy. "Hi. John here."

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments "Nice to meet you, Zach."

((Start a conversation, can you?))

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments "I am new and trying to make friends. Looks like I have already made two girlfriends." I smiled.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments "Yeah. And girlfriend as in girl and friend. How long have you been here?"

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments "So, like, how is this place? I mean I needed to live and I found this place. Is it good or cruel? Or...just how is it?"

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments My curiosity aroused. "Are they so bad?"

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory was back in the gym about 10 minutes later. She was quite a quick person, and also a good hider, which gave her the ability to seem to appear out of know where easily. She rubbed her hands self consiously up and down her arms and looked around the room to see if any new people had turned up whilst she had been gone.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments I saw Rory enter and gestured to her to come and join us. "One of my friends are here." I told Zach.

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory looked at the two of them cautiously before approaching. She stood next to John, but made sure she was exceptable distance away to be able to run if need be. She smiled weakly.
"Hi, im Rory." Wow. That was the 3rd time in 1 day. It was the most she had talked to anybody since being here.

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Eleanor | 12 comments Amanda walks in, wearing shorts, and a T. She walks over a mat, and waits for Sammy.
Sam walks In and goes over to his sister." What do you want to do?"
" Spar?" Amanda whispers.
Sam shakes his head." You always win."
Amanda smiles." Once?"
Sam sighs," fine."

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Eleanor | 12 comments Amanda grinned, and got ready.
Sam sighed and got in a karate stance.
Amanda went after him. She dodged his fist and flipped him easily.
Sam groaned, and stood." How come I'm older, and you can still flip me?"

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wanderer (chloemai) Zach wrote: ""Hi, I'm Zach""

"Good to meet you." she said, her mind wandering as usual. She had a sorrowful look in her eye, the kind that made people stop and say.
Life's not that bad.

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