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Delete the "." From the Html formate. All Characters need to be accepted by a mod before you begin to role-play. Mod characters don't need to be accepted.

<.b>Full name:<./b>
<.b> Nick Name(Optional):<./b>
<.b>Gender:<./b> Female or Male

<.b>Appearance:<./b> no anime pics please. Only links/pics
<.i>Eye Color:<./i>
<.i>Hair Color<./i>

<.b>Personality: <./b> five-eight Sentences required

<.b>History:<./b> five- eight sentences required

<.b>Boyfriend/Girlfriend:<./b> Ask first
<.b>Other:<./b> optional

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Full name: Grace Lynn
Nick Name(Optional): Grace
Birthday: Febuary 23
Age: 17
Gender: Female


Height: 5'2
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

Personality: Grace is really nice. She'll help just about everyone. She hates bullies, and will stand up for what she beleives in. She has an open mind, and will say what she wants. She can be pretty closed sometimes, and will sometimes even isolate herself and keep her distance from others. She's very flexible, and very athletic. She's great at lying and keeping secrets.

History: Grace never really thought about being a spy. I mean, when she was little she wanted to be a spy, until she realized wht she'd have to give up. She decided NOT to be a spy. That changed though, because her parents died recently of a car crash. Remembering her fantasy of being a spy, and not having to give anything up now, she went to Griffin Spy Academy

Family: Deceased
Boyfriend: Ask first
Crush: open
Other: optional

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Sorry, yea sure

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wanderer (chloemai) Full name:Aurora Violet Nahiahs
Nick Name(Optional):Rory. Not Aurora. Never Aurora.
Birthday:3rd June
Gender: Female

Eye Color: Silver/Pastel Grey-
(view spoiler)
Hair Color
Chocolate brown.

Rory is protective. She wont speak unless spoken to. Wont approach anybody and certainly wont talk to anybody because she wants to. She is a very guarded character, probably down to her shady past, and also has the tendancy to not make eye contact when somebody is speaking to her. A habit she picked up when she was taught it in one of her many foster homes. She never cries. NEVER. Not unless she is talking about the past, in which case she will release all the emotions she keeps masked behind a stoney, unchanging expression. She is quite protective of the people she cares about, and isnt afraid to start a fight if somebody is being cruel or horrible. She has an almighty temper that is rarely seen unless she snaps. And you dont want to be around when that happens.

She does have a nicer side underneath. She will put her neck on the line for others is they are in serious danger, and if you get to know her you will learn why she is the way she is. She is especially soft towards children and animals, seeming to show her true colours around them. Sure she doesnt hae a heart of gold. But who does?

Rory grew up being passed around to different foster care familys with her older brother. It was a way of life for them. They were often treated like slaves within the house, expected to do everything and punished if they didnt. Unlike her brother, she couldnt cope. She turned to drink drugs and self harm to numb out the pointlessness in her life. And then a glimmer of hope. At the age of 15 she fell pregnant. At first she was set on getting rid of the baby, but the idea began to grow on her and she changed her mind completly. Also causing a massive turn around in her. She stopped the drink, went to a rehab centre and got help with her self harming. She felt as if she had something worth living for now. Something needed her, and in return she was going to give it her all. But tradegy struck fast, quick and without mercy. She was involved in a car crash, resulting in Rory miscarrying her baby, but having to give birth to the stillborn. She cradelled the baby boy in her arms, sobbing, apologising, anything she felt was necassary. She came to the academy a few months later, since her brother had joined the army.

Brother-Silas Jasper Nahiahs-20 years old.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:None yet. You have to work hard to gain her trust and make her warm to you.
^^Russian blue kitten called Boz

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All Accepted...

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 Celia (menel-char-pippin-ronald-sasha) How do you post a pic? I have a charecter all planned out, but I don't know how to post a picture :(

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Yeah A link is the best to use.

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((I'm gonna post one in a bit. I'm new to this group))

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 Celia (menel-char-pippin-ronald-sasha) ((OK : got it :)))

Name: Sammantha Gold
Nickname: Sammy
Birthday: December 12th
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Personality: Samantha is a very out-going girl. She's not afraid to say what she stands for, or to speak up. Sometimes, she's not all that bright. She IS smart, but fails to see the ovious to an extent it's almost funny.
History: The only thing Samantha ever wanted was a normal childhood. Her dad died when she was young, he went to his job one day and just didn't come back. Her mom didn't really care for her, but was still her only family. Of course, that was until SHE died, murdered, actually. Samantha was then raised by her aunt. She always asked questions about her mom, and dad. But mostly her dad 'how did he die,' 'what was his job?' (She wqas never told) etc. She later went to Griffins Spy academy. Where, well.. she's learning to be a spy.
Family: Aunt Jane
Boyfriend: None
Crush: None

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 Celia (menel-char-pippin-ronald-sasha) ((Did it :)))

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 Celia (menel-char-pippin-ronald-sasha) ((Thanks :)))

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Eleanor | 12 comments Full name: Amanda May Cheer
Nick Name(Optional): May May
Birthday: September 11th
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Height: 5'8
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color Brownish, black

Personality: Amanda is a very sweet and kind girl. But that doesn't mean that she isn't a kick butt fighter. She is quick to calm down, and quick to think. But sometimes, if you make her mad, she'll make you wish...
She smiles, and never really speaks up.

History: Amanda had horrible parents. They had thrown out her older brother, who was only 5, and her, only 4. They were separated many times. But Amanda wouldn't give up on her brother. He needed her.

After 5 years, they found a good home. They went to school, and started learning. They enrolled in this place, because they wanted to track down their parents, and Amanda had always wanted to be a spy,

Family: Older brother - Samuel(Sammy) - 16
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None
Crush: None

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Eleanor | 12 comments (( :) ))

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Bookhog1 wrote: "((her birthday should've been in May lol haha))"

((REALLY Bookhog1? REALLY? JK XD))

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((BTW where should I get my charectors apperence picture from?))

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All Accepted

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You can get appearances from google image most of the time

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OK...... Thanks.

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Full Name: Caylin Mullen
Nick Name: Cal
Birthday: AUgost 12th
Age: 15
Height: 5'5
Eye Color:Greenish Brown
Hair Color: Red
Personality: Cal is a fierce girl who is very friendly, and will sday whatever pops into her head. She will stick up for anyone- ANYONE. And yes, she has a bad side. You don't want to make her angry. She has a bad temper.
History: She was adopted at age one, and loved her parents (adoptive) very much. They lived in a very dangeruous town, and her dad (former spy) thought she should go to spy school. So here she is.
Family: 3 older brothers, two parents, and a baby sister and a sister a year older than her. Thire names: Sammy, Mark, Paul, Ceci (older sis) and Lucy.

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Eleanor | 12 comments Full Name: Samuel Cheer
- Nickname: Sister calls him Sammy

Age: 16
- Birthday: October 15th

Gender: Male


- Height:
- Eye color:
- Hair color:


History: Samuel had horrible parents. They had him thrown out when he was only five, and his little sister at age 4. THey were found by police, and put in foster homes. They were separated many times. Sam and amanda wouldn't give up on each other.

After 5 years, they found a good home. They went to school, and started learning. They enrolled in this place, because they wanted to track down their parents. Sam wanted to bust down the door, and see the surprised looks on their faces. He knew his parents were criminals. One, they abandoned they're kids, and two, when Sam was 4, he found illegal drugs in the medicine cabinet. He was getting a bandage for Amanda.

Family: Amanda cheers - Little sister - 15

Girlfriend: None


Other: Has asthma

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Alyssa**Daughter of Poseidon** wrote: "Accepted"


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((I would kinda like to have a crush..... so if there is a boy charector, can you either say yes or no? thanks. I won't be insulted if you say no.))

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 74 comments Name: John
Nick Name: Jose
Birthday: 24th June
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8''
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Black
Personality: John is kind of a nerd but loves to flirt and is really open hearted. He cannot see anyone suffering and can be really harsh when he is irritated. He keeps secrets and has his own secrets.
History: John used to live in India but after his parents died in a plane crash and his extended family refused to take him in, he shifted to the US and came to know about this Spy Academy which he joined.
Family: None
Girlfriend: Open
Crush: Looking

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Both Accepted

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 Celia (menel-char-pippin-ronald-sasha) ((:) Can't wait to start role playing! :)))

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Celia wrote: "((:) Can't wait to start role playing! :)))"

Me neither!

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Full name: Lucille Angel Marie

Nick Name(Optional): Lucy

Birthday: September 14

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Lucy has soft chocolate brown that have flecks of blue in them and a gorgeous smile. She has dark honey colored hair that fades to a lighter honey color as it gets closer to her forehead. She's around 5'6 with long muscular but skinny legs. She has a small up turned nose and is always tan. She has straight white teeth and gets some light freckles if she's out in the sun for long periods of time.

Height: 5'6
Eye Color: Blue-brown
Hair Color: Ranges from a dark honey color to a light honey color.

Personality: Lucy isn't afraid to take risks and loves adventure. Lucy can sometimes be snobbish to the people she doesn't care for but nobody is perfect, she is fiercely loyal to her friends. She would give anyone a helping hand or an ear if they need it and if she thinks it's worth her time. She always seems to be happy, and usually manages to find something to laugh about.

Usually, she tries to see the best in people, which can tend to get her in to some trouble. Although at times she just gets fed up with people and can snap. She won't back down from her problems and faces them head on. Lucy's smart and when she needs it, has a sharp tongue and can be quick in comebacks.

She's always pulling some kind of prank though with her friends and loves teasing them. Lucy does have the problem of being brutally honest and that also gets her into trouble with a lot of people. She doesn't care what people think of her though and loves life.

History: Lucy was born into a rich family, being the only child her parents were able to have. She hardly saw her parents as she grew up, both of them being important to their buisness which made them travel a lot. She mainly only was allowed to see her parents at festivals they would hold, where she was expected to be the perfect lady and do as she was told. At still a young age she was sent away to an all girls private school. At last she decided that she didn't want to be brainwashed into the perfect child anymore. At first the things she did were minor pranks, but soon she became much worst and her private school was forced to kick her out. Her pranks and stunts kept going on until she finally graduated high school. She left a few days afterwards, and she hasn't heard from either of her parents ever since.

Since then she has found this place and now goes here.

Family: Mom(Sarah) Dad(Stephen)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open
Crush: None
Other: None

((Finish later!))

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Well when you're done,

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regan Full name: Ashlyn Saffold
Nick Name(Optional): Ash.
Birthday: July 4th
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Height: 5'6
Eye Color: Blue grey
Hair Color: light brown

Personality: Ashlyn is quiet and almost never seems happy. A smile is rare for her but if anything, she'll give a smirk. She won't make a friend too easily but when she does, she'll be a little more open, but not completly. Ash can keep any secret and will never have the urge to tell. On her bad side, she'll ignore them without a problem, no matter how hard they try to annoy or irritate her.

History: Ashlyn had always been a quiet girl that kept to herself. She lived in Washington D.C. in an apartment. When she was 6, her mother disappeared and her father went to jail. She doesn't know what happened at all but knows her father had something to do with it. She was brought to the adoption center in her city but no one adopted her. Once she turned 11, she ran away and found this place.

Family: Her mother is deceased and her father is in jail.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: none
Crush: Chris Patters (is that ok?) but would never ever let anyone know.
Other: She has a pet kitten named Coffee -
my link text

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Morgan  *(Be a voice not a echo)* | 8 comments Full name: Damien Alexander Woodall
Nick Name(Optional): Alex
Birthday: September 27Th
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Height: 5'9
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color Brown

Personality: He is very laid back,Jokes alot,He is also sweet and caring,But protective of his loved ones,Hes very easy to get along with,He won't start a fight but you can bet he will finish it he know's what's right and will stand up for it .

History: He come's from a troubled home,His father alcholic and drug addict,His mom died while having him,When his mom died his dad barely had enough will power to raise damien,When damien was old enough to take care of him self his dad started staying at the bar till it closed,Then went to a friend's house he did't come home unless he did't have anywhere else to go when damien turned 10 his dad started to abuse him damien put up with it until recently his dad tried to pull a gun on him so damien ran away.

Family: Mom deceased,dad unknown,
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None
Crush: Open

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There's no pic....

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regan Full name: Flinn Gennaía
Nick Name: None
Birthday: January 5th
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Height: 5'8
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color Blonde

Personality: Flinn is a very kind person. He is a little shy at first but will be outgoing if he knows them. He likes to make others who are quiet and super shy smile. Flinn loves knowing he made someones day. He isn't the type to normally get mad. He'll easily forgive and pretty much lives by, "Forgive and forget."

History: Flinn used to live in San Fransisco when he was 11 1/2. One day, someone tried to rob the house and Flinn hid in a closet. The robber killed his parents so he ran away. The police believe the robber kidnapped Flinn but gave up on looking for him after a year. In his years in the run, he eventually found this place.

Family: None that he is aware of.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: none
Crush: looking
Other: none

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Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo (eiyah_fantasyfreak) | 8 comments Full name: Rebekah Rex
Nick Name(Optional): Bekah
Birthday: Aug. 18
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Height: Tall
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color Black

Personality: Rebekah is very serious and hardcore. She doesn't stops training unless there's something more important to do.(or time to eat or sleep.) She's very hard-working and doesn't laugh or smile much. She's swift and sneaky and is good at hiding her feelings. She's intelligent and likes to think on her feet. Though, she'll do anything for her loved ones. Though she's really kind, generous and likes to make people smile, she just doesn't show it.

History: Rebekah's mom had died giving birth to her. Her dad was upset with that but took good care of her anyways. He was a kind, generous and lovable fellow. She adored her dad and his hard work. One day, when she was walking home from school she saw her dad get murdered from a lone ally, she would have chased the one who murdered him...but she knew better. When the cops came they sent her to a foster home.

But she ran away and found herself here, training for her dad.

Family: Alyss(mom), Will(dad)
Boyfriend: none
Crush: -open-
Other: Wears a golden locket with a rose design on it. One picture with her mom when she was younger and the other her dad.

Morgan  *(Be a voice not a echo)* | 8 comments Alyssa**Daughter of Poseidon** wrote: "There's no pic...."

sorry i thought i added one

Morgan  *(Be a voice not a echo)* | 8 comments Okay pic added

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regan Lol, Althea! I'll never be able to look at that pic and not think Reyna instead of Rebecka!!! XD

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Morgan wrote: "Okay pic added"

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!* wrote: "Full name: Rebekah Rex
Nick Name(Optional): Bekah
Birthday: Aug. 18
Age: 16
Gender: Female



Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo (eiyah_fantasyfreak) | 8 comments Alyssa**Daughter of Poseidon** wrote: "Morgan wrote: "Okay pic added"

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!* wrote: "Full name: Rebekah Rex
Nick Name(Optional): Bekah
Birthday: Aug. 18
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Appearance: http://im..."

Thank you:)

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo (eiyah_fantasyfreak) | 8 comments Percabeth1122 *Regan* wrote: "Lol, Althea! I'll never be able to look at that pic and not think Reyna instead of Rebecka!!! XD"

Hi Regan! Forever PJOian! XD

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Full name: Hayden Griffin
Nickname: none really
Birthday: February 29, 1997
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Hayden is tall, lean, and wiry. He has green eyes that seem to laugh at everything. He has messy dark hair, arching eyebrows, and a smirk that gives him a slightly mocking and amused expression. He has very long, thin fingers. Hayden is very good-looking, with an angular face, chiseled features, and a vaguely Grecian profile.
Height: 6'1
Eye Color: green
Hair Color black

Personality: Hayden seems to take nothing seriously. He laughs everything off, and he's always joking. He has a sarcastic comment for everything, and doesn't stop himself from saying it. He always seems to take things lightly, and he appears to never be fazed by anything. He appears to be slightly arrogant, and he's always smirking. He likes to take risks, and when facing danger he'll meet it head on. He's very brave, but also reckless and impulsive. He often does crazy things that end up working out well. He is confident, easy-going, relaxed, sure of himself.
But it's all just a front sometimes. It's his way of dealing with everything life throws at him. Something bad happens? No problem. He'll just keep laughing, even though he's hurting. He appears not to care about anything, when in truth he's just hiding the pain.
Hayden is very loyal and loving. He will do anything in his power for the people he loves. He's also very thoughtful, though you wouldn't know it. He likes to puzzle over questions no one has the answer to, questions that sometimes shouldn't be answered. He likes to tempt danger, coming close, then escaping. He is very persistent and stubborn. Once he's set his mind to something, he'll never give up. Hayden also never forgets anything, because he has a photographic memory. A useful skill, but he also remembers things he hears, feels, etc. He also has a fiery temper, although this is almost never shown. He hates his parents.

History: Hayden was born in Los Angeles, California, to Ciara Leven, a singer, and Mikael Griffin, an actor. He lived a very comfortable life. Ciara and Mikael were very rich, and they treated him well enough, although they hardly had enough time for him. His parents seemed to think that money could replace anything, and they spent freely on Hayden, but otherwise he was mainly ignored. And his parents fought a lot. Over everything.
When Hayden was six, his parents got divorced. They fought over who got custody of Hayden. After four years, countless shouting matches, court battles, and a few fistfights, neither had conceded to the other's terms. Hayden was ten when they decided to give him up for adoption. The one thing they agreed on was that adoption was better than letting the other have custody of Hayden. In the middle of this mess, Ciara remarried, to Seph Arrow, a music producer who encouraged Ciara to give Hayden to adoption. This and his father's countless irritating girlfriends made Hayden decide to run away.
He spent a few months on he run, until he was caught shoplifting, and they took him to the adoption center. After a while, he ran away again. He was caught a few more times, but each time he ran away. He was completely on his own until, when he was fourteen, he decided to go to his uncle, who had always fascinated him. Ciara always referred to her brother as a good-for-nothing failure who'd thrown away his life, but the few times Hayden had met his uncle Zac, he had always felt that there was more to him than met the eye.
When Hayden got to where his uncle lived, Zac welcomed him in. His daughter Diana...not so much, although she got used to him eventually. Zac never told Ciara that Hayden was at his home. Hayden stayed there for a few months, and eventually found out that Zac was a trained spy, and Diana was a spy in training. That's how he came to this spy school.

Mother: Ciara Leven, age 37, singer
Ciara is very famous, although nearly past her prime. She is selfish and not the smartest.
Father: Mikael Griffin, age 38, actor
Also very famous, he has a new girlfriend every week, and he drinks a lot. His career as an actor is on the verge of crashing and burning.
Stepfather: Seph Arrow, age 38, movie producer
Suave, arrogant, sleazy...and rich.
Uncle: Zac Leven, age 36, spy
He's a mysterious type of guy. Has grown fond of Hayden. Loves his daughter Diana more than anything or anybody else, although he is not at all blind to her faults. Has lost touch with Ciara.
Cousin: Diana Leven, age 15, spy-in-training; also Hayden's best friend.
Her mother, Maia Leven, died around the same time Hayden's parents were divorced.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None
Crush: Open?
Other: His name means 'fire.' He is very skilled with weapons, and he's a great shot with a gun.

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Selena  (selipoky) | 19 comments Full name:Estrella Wallis
Nick Name(Optional):none
Birthday:August 8 1996

Appearance: >img
<.i>Eye Color:brown
<.i>Hair Color: brownish black

<.b>Personality: <./b>

<.b>History:<./b> I am very nice and funny. Although I am short I am not shy. I am defensive if you talk bad to my friends. I am very outgoing and friendly. I talk a lt but I shut up If I need to. I always try to help people with love problems and offer advise too. Someone times I will react bad if someone talks bad about me, but I hardly ever take revenge on the person. Also I don't get scared easily.

<.b>Family:<./b>My dad James Wallis, is almost never at home and when he is he is always in a bad mood, but he still cares for me even if he doesn't like to show it. My mom, Cynthia Wallis, is a journalist who works for a very important newspaper company, and she is also almost never in the house. my cousin Karina Wallis, she is like my best friend, she lives with me at home since her parents are dead. since me and Karina are almost always alone we do many things that my parents would normally never let us do.
<.b>Boyfriend/Girlfriend:<./b> None
<.b>Crush: open?
<.b>Other:<./b> her cousin karina is also in this school.

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