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Who else wants a sequel?

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Matt Hageman I loved this book! It was a great fantasy novel. Did you like it? If so, would you want a sequel? I know I do! Also, check out my review at http://geniusbookreviews.wordpress.co...

Rosanna I absolutely love this book!
It's hard to pick a favorite from B.Sanderson because all his book are brilliant but I'd have to say this one one it for me.
A sequel would be awesome. I miss nightblood! ;)

Goddess Of Blah yes please!!!

Neal Simmons One is in the que. Just with all of his other works, it might take a while. Warbreaker 2, Elantris 2, SLA2, Alloy 2, and the second and third Mistborn trilogies are all expected, it is probably going to take forever to get them, though. check out 17thshard.com

LiteraryChic I would LOVE a sequel!!!

 Becky  I would love to see more of this story.

James Bligh the working title for the neext warbreaker book is Nightblood, but it doesnt seem to be a priority for brandon at this time. if we doe get this book,it probably wont be for years yet :*(

Jeremy No, thank you. Warbreaker was easily Sanderson's worst work (though I haven't read the WoT sequels or Alcatraz): most insufferable and least fleshed out characters, least engaging magic system, clumsiest and most tedious exposition, and just in general 3/4 chaff to 1/4 anything worthwhile. I'll add in most problematic portrayals of women.

There's not enough of value in Warbreaker that's worth going back to, whereas The Way of Kings was Sanderson's best work to date in terms of craft, with a very engaging world and cast of characters. I'd much rather see him spend his time there.

Lincoln If you happen to get war breaker on kindle there is a version with authors annotations that go with each chapter. Sanderson has loads of ideas related to war breaker 2 but even still I would not hold my breath, if it happens at all it will be years

James It is torcher watching sandersons social media. I'm waiting for fanatical fans to kidnap the man and chain him to a desk. We need more!

Stretch's Books I enjoyed "Warbreaker", in fact I gave it 4 stars in my review. If one could call it a review. However, it does not warrat a sequel in my opinion.

Akivac It was an awesome book, but what could he do for an encore? It was pretty much a one-book universe.

Donna It would be nice but I think he's got his hands full with Way of Kings mega thing! I hear it's going to be 10 volumes long.

Lena I think a sequel is not necessary. The book had an end, and is not left sufficiently open to require a sequel.

Michelle I would love one!

message 16: by Gary (new) - rated it 5 stars

Gary Welch From Sandersons Web site:

State of the Sanderson dated 07/24/2013

Nightblood. (Warbreaker sequel.) This one is still fairly far off

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Gary Welch Here is information for all his sequels:

My next major writing project will be the sequel to Steelheart, which is called Firefight.

1) Rithmatist Sequel. I will hop on writing the next one very soon.

2) Shadows of Self. (The next Wax and Wayne Mistborn novel.) I've finished some sample chapters of this and have a fairly solid outline. Expect to see me writing on this sometime early next year.

3) Book Three of Stormlight. I don't want to let this series languish with three year gaps between books, as I was forced to do between books one and two. Because of this, I'll try to be doing them at 18 month or 24 month intervals at the most. Do note that the books, at around a thousand pages each, are HUGE undertakings. The way I write, I have to space out projects like this. They'll be regular, I promise, but part of the reason I'm so productive is because I allow myself freedom to work on different projects, instead of being beholden to one series.

4) Calamity (Book Three of Steelheart.) This will be the final of that trilogy.

5) Elantris Sequel. (This is getting close. Should be doing this in the relatively near future.)

6) Legion Sequel. I have sample chapters of this done, but as it's a side project, it can't command prime writing time. I will probably slip it in between some of the books above somewhere, but I can't promise when.

7) Final Rithmatist book. (I'm not 100% sure this will be a trilogy. It might just be two books.)

8) Nightblood. (Warbreaker sequel.) This one is still fairly far off.

9) Alcatraz 5. Still planning to write this. We have to find a home for the series, however, as I bought the rights back to it from Scholastic earlier this year. Within the next couple of months, my US readers will be able to buy my British publisher's omnibus edition of the first four books.

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