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message 1: by Gary (new)

Gary Murning | 46 comments My first novel, If I Never, was published in the UK by independent publisher Legend Press in 2009. Pretty well received, my following two novels Children of the Resolution and The Realm of the Hungry Ghosts, while acknowledged as quality fiction, did not fit the Legend Press brief. Rather than having to go through the whole rigmarole of finding a second publisher, I decided that with these two novels I would try my hand at publishing them myself.

So far this has worked really well for me. Legend is still interested in future projects and in the meantime I still get to share the stuff that I feel really passionate about.

My work, as this might suggest, is pretty varied:

If I Never was a quirky, gritty comedic thriller set in my fictional version of the North East England. It addressed some pretty heavy themes but, hopefully, in an entertaining and engaging way.

Children of the Resolution headed in a different direction entirely. Heavily influenced by my own experience of the integration of disabled children into mainstream education during the 1970s/1980s, it is intended as a moving and uncompromising coming-of-age story. I like to think it dispels a few myths.

The Realm of the Hungry Ghosts on the other hand is an extremely dark literary horror novel that explores in various ways human dissatisfaction and the need we all by and large have to constantly strive for more. Once again, this particular novel does touch upon some very heavy stuff—and my approach is to look things full in the face—so if you should opt to check this one out, be warned: it is supernaturally disturbing and "real-life" disturbing. It is also, however, thought-provoking and (once again, hopefully!) ultimately rewarding. You may be an emotional wreck after reading it (I was after writing it) but it will be worth it. No, really!

If this has whetted your appetite, please feel free to check out my Amazon author page

Naturally, all my writing (along with an exclusive short story) is available for Kindle—all currently heavily discounted.

Should you happen to check any of it out, don't forget to let me know what you think (by commenting here, perhaps?)

Thanks for the warm welcome I have already received and look forward to chatting to you all—and not just about my own work! Promise!

message 2: by Philip (sarah) (new)

Philip (sarah) Willis | 5174 comments I have had a wee look and picked Children of the ResolutionGary as my first purchase of your work as it is a subject that interests me.Thanks.

message 3: by Gary (new)

Gary Murning | 46 comments Philip (sarah) wrote: "I have had a wee look and picked Children of the ResolutionGary as my first purchase of your work as it is a subject that interests me.Thanks."

Thank you, Sarah(?)—that is really kind of you and I hope you enjoy. As I'm sure you can imagine, of all of my novels, that has a very special place in my heart. I hope it finds a similar place in yours (though it's absolutely fine if it doesn't, of course :-))

message 4: by Gary (new)

Gary Murning | 46 comments Just a quick announcement: I can now confirm that my fourth novel, The Legacy of Lorna Lovelost, will be published late 2013. Keep an eye on for further information!

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