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Harry or nevil?
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Dumbledore, told Harry that, Sybill's prophecy could have applied to two wizarding boys, who were born in end of the July, and whom had their parents in the order and both sets of parents have narrowly escaped voldemort three times, and that is harry and nevil.

If you are voldemort whom will you choose in the first place?

I believe he chose the boy that seemed most threatening. Harry and Neville were both born on the same day within hours of each other. So, he sends out feelers. Neville's parents are found and tortured into insanity. Harry's parents were not able to be found.

I think because the Longbottoms were "so weak" (in Voldemort's opinion, of course), and the Potters were obviously in hiding, he assumed they would be the object of prophecy and went about finding them and getting to Harry.

Interestingly, Neville is the pure-blood wizard, but Voldemort went after Harry, the half-blood, like Tom Riddle was.

So, logically, if the prophecy is true, and the Potter's are in hiding, they must be the object of the prophecy.

Simple, right? :)

One problem with Jeni's theory, the Longbottoms weren't tortured until after Voldemort attacked the Potter's. It was done by his followers who believed Neville's father had information about what happened to Voldemort. I don't think we will ever know why Voldimort chose Harry over Neville. There was a point while reading the books the first time I was kinda hoping, as a twist, that Neville would be the one who actually killed Voldemort. But I guess killing Nagini is good enough. :-)

Chami I see the point. I agree with you.
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I agree with Jenny 100%

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go jeni!

I agree.
I think that when Voldemort couldn't find the Potters,that he thought Harry Potter would be more threatening.....
so,therefore,he chose to go after Harry.............

i agree

Is this even a question? Neville!

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