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kisses and lies HELP!!

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message 1: by Marcy (new)

Marcy is there anyone that could send me this book pdf? i know its bad but amazon dont have it and no bookstores where i live have it and im desprate to read what happens can anyone help me?

message 2: by mal (new) - added it

mal Hi! :) so I did some hunting on Amazon, and I found it there here's the link:

I actually found the hardcover copy of this book at my local Dollar Tree, and I got it surprisingly for a dollar so you might want to check there. Otherwise, maybe you could get it on a smartphone or if you have an iPod or iPhone or iPad or even an Android device I'm sure you could get it as an eBook. Also, I just realized that this discussion was started back in September, so if you've already read the book by the time you see this comment then sorry, I didn't realize the date but I decided to post this anyway in case you still couldn't find the book.

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