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Daniel A↓↑ A↓↑ (MrMasterSword) | 141 comments Mod
((The garden of the dryads is a part of the forest where the trees are alive. The dryads are asleep most of the time, but if you wake them up they're not so nice. They will see you as a trespasser, but if you give them your loyal word not to harm the forest they might accept you... that is, if they are in a good mood.))

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ella  | 158 comments Mod
fides: i skided to a stop but it was to late the dyrads were waking up "who dares disterb the slumber of the dyrads?!" said a booming voice. "i am sorry sir i did not mean to wake you up." i said in a semi cofedent voice. "hmmm a howler huh? why you- i dont think i have seen you before? what is your name?!" i swallowd and said "fides sir"they mumbled amung themselfs for a while before saying, "young fides why have you come to the garden of dyrads?" his -i think it was a he- voice was no longer angree just... curius "well i guess i got lost" "a howler geting lost in its own land? hmf i highly doubt that what is the real reson?" "it is true the howler is not lying." said another voice beside him "hmm why did you get lost? why did you leve the safety of your area?" "i-i had to my 'safe suroundings' was nothing but 2 yards wide!" i said geting angree agin "come down young one why was it so small?" "my father is the reson it was so small i had to leve." that seemd to make him... laph for some reson "ah to be but a sapling like this one would be great." now i was the one confused "well ill be on my way" "not yet you wont" then branches closed off the exits "not without a fare warning heed this young one 'you may never know what you have untill you have lost it' now run along"

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