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Daniel A↓↑ A↓↑ (MrMasterSword) | 141 comments Mod
((The wastelands are the grounds in the Ice lands where it is remote and probably no one lives. Sometimes gigantic polar bears(and I mean gigantic, probably the size of a six story building) can be found wandering around in these frosty flats.))

message 2: by ella (new)

ella  | 158 comments Mod
luxa: i didn't relize how cold it started to get untill i saw my breath i relized i had crossed into the baron wastelands so i figured i was lost untill i saw a little girl and her hunter. thats strange even i did nt bond this early.. i thought and i made my way over to them.

lilly was scared and lost she clung to loona terrified she was saying she could fly up and see where they were but she did not let her for fear of being left alone and she saw a regalien makeing her way over to them lilly started to cry for fear of what would happin.

luxa: as i got near the child and the young hunter she started to cry; i did not know what to do so i came over and said, "why do you cry? why are you out this far?" "you-are-going- to- kill- me?" she said between sobs. i was shoked at such a thing "but why would i kill you?" " becaus- you are- a- regalien!" "do not touch her!" said the frightend hunter fliting in front of the child. "i will not hurt you nor kill you. what is your name?" " lily." she said her crying dieing down. "and you brave hunter?" "my name? it is loona" "ahh what perfect names. now will you show me to your sleeping place?" we cant!" she said sobbing agen "why not?" i asked the hunter "we are lost." "why do you not fly upp to see where we are?" "she dose not want me to." " you must- fly up." "but lily are you not afraid?" "i- am- but i- think i- can manage." she said calming down once more. " then i will fly up." loona said flying up to the air i noticed she was not very good yet. "tell me why are you bonded so young?" "my parents are dead they died 2 years ago i was 4 years old when it happend i had bonded to loona just this year because i do not have any other person to take care of me except for prince hale. and it is the same with loona except her prince hale is sol hale's bond."

message 3: by ella (new)

ella  | 158 comments Mod
luxa: the little hunter spireld down and crashed " loona that was the best landing you have ever had!" at that coment i didn't think we would be able to fly to there city...

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ella  | 158 comments Mod
"i have seen where we are if we just continue that way then we shall be there in no time." "but luxa is a regalien! what are we to do about that?" loona eyed luxa and said, "we will have to sneek into the castle and find sol or prince hale i think they will know what to do." with that they headed towrds the city

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ella  | 158 comments Mod
((continue on the suburbs))

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