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Celine☆ | 194 comments Mod
Some parts are still living in this garden.

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Lillian tromped through the garden, her eyes peeled for something. She kept her dagger held out steadily in front of her as she walked, not wanting to take any chances that someone was lurking around or that a plant would attack her. She had heard the stories about the mutated vegetation, this wasn't a safe place even for someone like her. Finally she spotted the small purple spotted bud she had been searching for. She carefully walked towards the bud, keeping aware of her surroundings. She was within inches of the bud when her instincts told her to get out, and so she did without a moments hesitation. He wings snapped out and propelled her upwards and backwards less than a second before the plant surrounding the bud snapped closed and started releasing a green gas. Lillian clamped down on her frustration, at least grateful she had managed to avoid the toxic gas.

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