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message 1: by Krystal109 (new)

Krystal109 | 1086 comments It appears that in many cases when a Japanese light novel is drawn by a different person than the manga adaptation they list the 1st illustrator as "Character Designer" on the cover of the book.

What I am wondering is if they should be listed because their name appears on the cover? Normally, I would not list the person because it is not a significant role in most manga/graphic novels.

message 2: by vicki_girl (last edited Sep 14, 2012 07:29PM) (new)

vicki_girl | 2765 comments If they are listed on the cover they probably should be included in the record. It makes it easier for users to find the book (they're going to search on what they see on the cover). I think in this case though, I would use some like "Creator" as the author role, to be more consistent with how we have done it before.

message 3: by Krystal109 (last edited Sep 14, 2012 09:02PM) (new)

Krystal109 | 1086 comments Okay. I can get on board with creator. They did create the visual look of the books and their characters.

Edit: Added as Co-Creator (since the author is also a creator and I didn't want it to be confused that they are not the sole creator)

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