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Grace sat on the bank of the lake

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Giulia Celia walked tenatively through the forest and reached the lake, light footsteps stopping at the sight of another person. Her first reaction was to slip into a tree or at least behind one to avoid the taunts but she stopped herself. 'People are like me here. she reminded herself and so she continued to the lake's edge and dipped her toes in.

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Grace saw someone come out of the forest and waved. At least it was another paranormal instead of a human

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Giulia Celia twisted her mouth to the side and flicked glances between her feet and Grace before waving once, curtly.

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Grace realized she didn't want to do much, so she dropped her gaze to the lake, watching the water ripple

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Giulia "You're an angel. Well, a fallen one, right?" Celia eyed her blonde hair and heavenly looks. She must have been one.

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Grace smiled and nodded "Yes. I'm a fallen angel."

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Giulia Celia tilted her head to the side. "I'd say sorry but I'm guessing there's a reason you're here not up there."

((Gotta go!))

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((Aw, ok))

"Well actually there is..." Grace said slowly

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Giulia Celia shrugged "Figured. Is it something substantial?"

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Giulia ((?))

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"It's not like I killed someone!" she said indignantly

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Giulia "Never said you did. Just wondering if it was worth it. Not to make you contemplate more than you probably have."

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"it's sorta worth it. I guess I just like not having to be so good all the time".

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Giulia "There's always a fun side to being bad." Celia grinned slightly as she sat down on the other side of the lake.

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"Definately." Grace agreed

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