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The Hunger Games,Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?

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Weiting I can't decide, they are all AMAZING books.

Kathy ♡ don't know, i love them all, but most likely i would pick percy jackson

Tess i absolutely love them all! its to hard to deside. uhg. i have no idea.

Meenu HP all the way!!

Kaely Harry Potter has been my life. So of course I would vote for Harry Potter. But since The Hunger Games came out I really like it so I vote for The Hunger Games also. But mostly Harry Potter

Raechella I can't decide. They are all amazing. :)

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Ren I'll have to say Hunger Games and Percy Jackson :)

Avani Harry Potter. Always.

Jeni Harry Potter here, too. These three series couldn't be more different, but I have re-read HP so many times. The others--just once.

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The Harry Potter novels and movies are part of a generation. It is literally a HUGE part of my childhood. So even though I enjoy The Hunger Games, it can't compare to Harry Potter in terms of what it means to its fans.

Melissa Nahra no idea those are my 3 favorite series:)

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Sarah this is my opinion:
the hunger games was wrote a little porly
the percy jackson books were wonderful and funny
but the harry poter books are the type of books that touch your heart. they are true classics that will never be forgotten. LOVE YOU HP!!!!!!!

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Anna Keltner hunger games most definitly. hp sucks and pj is ok

Sarah Anna if you think I hp sucks then you whatched the movies before you read the book. If not read it again soon but more open minded.

Elizabeth Day They are all amazing, but Hunger Games and Harry Potter are my favorites. But I think Harry Potter will always be the best fictional book to me. I love the Hunger Games, but Harry Potter is a very very special to me.

Elizabeth Day Blueturtles wrote: "this is my opinion:
the hunger games was wrote a little porly
the percy jackson books were wonderful and funny
but the harry poter books are the type of books that touch your heart. they are true c..."

Glad that I'm not the only one considering Harry Potter a classic! Real classics are the books that are amazing and teach you everything and are the most famous books in your eyes. Harry Potter is one of those.

Melanie Uuugghhh! How could you do this to me! I love these books so much that i'm just gonna rank them. Coz they are like my top 3 favourite series!
1. Percy Jackson and The Heroes of Olympus
2. The Hunger Games
3. Harry Potter
That was tough.

Jessica I like Harry Potter then Hunger Games then Percy Jackson. I think that HP had a lot of details in them. They created more imagery for me. When writers try to create a new world it's not always something I can visualize....but that's just me.

Crystal Freaking Hunger Games... Hands down!!

Janese Jackson Harry Potter. Absolutely epic, beautiful, emotional but not over-wrought, tense, funny, scary.... story telling perfection. Great movie adaptations to boot.

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read hg series,first book of percy jackson,first four of harry potter books. hunger games is the best

Elsie Harry Potter!! Love all the books, I couldn't stop reading.

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harry potter. it is beautiful and magical. i love both other series too (well i love PJ but HG i only like as a friend) but HP has a certain magic that will never be lost, no matter how old you get. they ARE my childhood. i can't even imagine where i would be without them. if you think about it, they influenced our whole lives (at least for those of us who grew up with them). PJ is adorable and HG is a huge hit right now but they are fads. HP is life.

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Ariana Sinclair Im not a big Percy Jackson fan, And I love the Hunger Games. But Harry Potter can not even begin to relate to anything. Harry Potter is my childhood. No one can say that they remember being seven years old and sitting in bed and reading the first Hunger Games Book. Harry Potter characters GREW up with us. Compared to HP, anything else is mediocre.

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AA The Awesome 1. Hunger games & Percy Jackson
There to difrent type of books THEY ARE ABSULOTLEY AMAZING
100.Harry potter the writer tried to make to many books UGHUGH

Abbie Definetly Harry Potter

Kimpie Harry Potter will always be number on for me. Followed by The Hunger Games. Lastly, Percy Jackson.

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I don't know why people keep comparing these three popular literary works. The only thing that they all really have in common is the fact that they are all YA books. Other than that, you really can't compare them properly because there are not similar things that you can compare.

So I'm just going to simply say that I love them all and I think that all three works are bloody brilliant and I can't wait to see more by these authors.

Arnell Pulido percy jackson,because it's great how they put events according to the greek mythology and you'll learn about them too

Melanie Percy Jackson had all, humour, action, romance and just great overall. Harry potter is one of those series that stick to you since you read them. Though He Hunger Games was one of my favourites, I soon thought it was old and got sick of them, though that does not mean I dislike the series, I just don't love it as much as PJ and HP

Victoria Harry Potter is life.


Sarah No I'm sleepy

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Bookluvr luvr i will have to go with hunger potter jakson, so all of them!!!!

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas Percy Jackson. I just love the humor and adventure, and I've always have been a fan of Mythology.

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