Assessment Balance and Quality: An Action Guide for School Leaders Assessment Balance and Quality discussion

Part 1 Laying the Foundation

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Julie Gherardi Welcome to our discussion board!
on the top of page 4, paragraph 2, "Historically we have sustained a set of beliefs about assessment's role in improving schools that does not promote success for all students." I wonder if our teachers would agree.
This makes me think of "autopsy" types of assessments - end of learning, summative assessments that provide information after students have left us and therefore offer no hope of ensuring success. Laying the foundation, requires the development of a balanced assessment system - one that includes specific and timely feedback along the way. Those formative assessments provide opportunities for course correction, student involvement (self-assessment) and motivate students with small successes along the way.

message 2: by Kim (new)

Kim Fontana This sentence caught my eye, too. I rather assumed it was referencing normative assessments that depend upon some students failing for other students to aucceed. Is that what others thought?

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