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Thad Brown My short story collection, The Smoking Gun Sisterhood, is currently out of print. I've tried self-publishing it through Lulu, but wasn't happy with the results. It was picked up by a small press in 2011, but though they published six of the tales as e-stories, that relationship ended (long story!) before they brought it out as a book. While I've considered self-publishing the stories on Smashwords, I can't get their registration program to work for me.

What I'm really looking for is a small press that does both paper and e-books, that pays authors on each sale instead of asking authors to pay them (which I can't afford!), and which might be open to considering a collection like this as a submission. Since this group has so many crime fiction authors, I'm hoping to pick your brains for any suggestions you might have as to where to inquire. (That might narrow down my blind searching on the Web!)

To get more of an idea of what the collection is like, if you're interested, here's the link to my (unrated) review: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/... . (I tried to be as objective and descriptive as possible.) Here's another online review (which has a link to an opening excerpt from one story): http://www.girlswithguns.org/short/sh... . (The information on availability there isn't current, though.) Those links will hopefully give you a better feel for what small presses might see it as a possibility.

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Thad Brown I'm delighted to announce that Pro Se Productions, a small press based in Batesville, Arkansas that specializes in pulp fiction, has accepted The Smoking Gun Sisterhood for publication! It should be released in both e-book and paperback formats sometime in mid-2013, and I'll have more details then.

If you wonder whether or not you'd like my style of writing, I recently published a brand-new story, "A Robber's Jackpot," right here on my Goodreads page's Writings section, where you can read it for free. (At least, that price is affordable --no small consideration these days!) Though the story is shorter than the ones in the book (you can easily read it in one sitting), it's very similar in subject matter, style and tone. The link is http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/3... . Check it out, if you're interested!

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Jim (jimmaclachlan) | 440 comments Congrats, Thad!

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Thad Brown Thanks, Jim!

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Thad Brown Several of the stories in my forthcoming collection (which will hopefully be available this summer!) were offered for sale for awhile as free-standing e-stories, so they have Goodreads records of their own. One of them, The Capta and the Cop, was printed in the February 2013 issue of one of the e-zines in the E-Fiction family, eNoir. If you'd like to check out my style of writing before the book comes out, the February issue is still on sale (only in electronic format, of course) for $3.99 at www.efictionmag.com/2013/02/enoir-feb... , and on Amazon for Kindle. So you can sample this story, along with several other contemporary crime fiction tales. (My contribution might not be outright noir --but the editors evidently thought it comes close enough!)

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Thad Brown It's an announcement that was delayed a lot longer than I hoped; but I'm happy to report that my story collection The Smoking Gun Sisterhood is finally on sale in paperback (the e-book edition will follow soon, and I'll post a notice when it's available). For anyone who's interested, the link for more information is www.amazon.com/The-Smoking-Gun-Sister... . This is the first time it's ever been printed by a real publisher (the Amazon description lists CreateSpace as the publisher, but that's because Pro Se Press contracts out their actual printing to them) so I'm still pretty much on cloud nine! (The cover art on the new edition is a lot cooler than on the one that comes up when you first click the Goodreads link, too.)

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Thad Brown If you're curious about my literary vision and style of writing, but aren't sure you want to take a chance and spring for a whole book-length story collection, I've now got a short e-story for sale on Kindle that you can try for 99 cents. (It's a new work, not one of those collected in The Smoking Gun Sisterhood; but if you like this story, you'll probably like those!) Published as part of Pro Se Press' Single Shots Program, it's titled "Hot Sun, Hot Lead." (I don't have the exact Amazon URL, but it's searchable at their site by title.)

Tough female PI Becca Grant's venue is the mean streets of a crime-and-drug-ridden Southern California border city; but her young secretary's paperwork end of the business is pretty humdrum. Tressa sometimes hankers for a piece of the more exciting, heroic aspect of the work --but you know the old adage, "Be careful what you wish for...." If you're interested, check it out!

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Thad Brown In message 6 above, I promised to let members of this group know when The Smoking Gun Sisterhood was available as an e-book. The Kindle version is now ready for purchase, for $2.99!

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Michael Murphy (mmurfy) | 7 comments I'll definitely check it out, Thad.

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Thad Brown Thanks for your interest, Michael! I hope you like the stories.

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