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Vampire Huntress Series Read-a-long?

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message 1: by Kenya (new)

Kenya Wright Hey Everyone!

I've only read the first two books. I'm wondering if anybody wants to do a book 3 buddy read with me?

message 2: by sigmagal (new)

sigmagal | 23 comments Mod
I have read all of L.A. Banks books but I can read book 3, The Hunted again. Just let me know how you want to set this up.

message 3: by Jimeta (new)

Jimeta (jnyckel) | 5 comments sound good to me!!! I've read the hunted three times, wouldn't mind discussing it w/ yall. I don't have a smart phone anymore so may be a lil late with my posts/responses.

message 4: by sigmagal (new)

sigmagal | 23 comments Mod
Let's do the book 3 buddy read for the Hunted starting Oct. 1. I think that we should start off the month with a new book.

message 5: by Jimeta (new)

Jimeta (jnyckel) | 5 comments ok!!

message 6: by Missyb (new)

Missyb | 2 comments Does Minion get better? I just can't into this book, but if it picks up then I'll stick with it.

message 7: by Anna (new)

Anna | 2 comments Minion does get better! Just keep reading! This series is awesome! I've read the whole series at least three times!

message 8: by Tamilyn (new)

Tamilyn (tamilyn11) | 1 comments Just get through Minion... its the foundation! From there "IT GETS REAL!"

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