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Who is Henry V. O'Neil?

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Vincent O'Neil Hi gang,

I'm actually Vincent H. O'Neil, winner of the St. Martin's Press "Malice Domestic" writing competition and author of five mystery novels (MURDER IN EXILE, REDUCED CIRCUMSTANCES, EXILE TRUST, CONTEST OF WILLS, and DEATH TROUPE) and I chose to release my military scifi series under the pen name of Henry V. O'Neil

I'm named after my grand-uncle Henry Vincent O'Neil, with the first and middle names switched. Henry V. O'Neil was studying for the priesthood when he perished in the worldwide influenza epidemic of 1918.

Rest in peace, servant of God.

Vanessa Great novel. Your grand-uncle would be proud. He must have been a great man.

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Vincent O'Neil Thanks, Vanessa! So glad you liked the book -- and from what I've been told my grand-uncle really was a very special man.

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