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message 1: by Beth A., Head Hostess (last edited Sep 14, 2012 06:19PM) (new)

Beth A. | 145 comments Mod
I usually write pretty freeform,or at least without following a particular set of rules. I thought it might be nice for a change to highlight a particular form now and again. Its not so much a challenge,just something to consider and discuss.

Here's a link that relatively simply outlines sonnets into steps:

I have tried once or twice but even then,now I think it might need some revision. An important thing not to forget is that a sonnet creates an argument or the development of an idea. Some sort of build up I think would be a fair explanation.Even if you follow the form to the utmost it still must also have some sort of idea development.

I fear going back to it,I have made the mistake of not including this element. Alas!

Goodness sake,going back over my last sonnet it has kind of the right rhythm(kind of)but only the last two lines rhyme. I must of thought that was right at the time.
I suppose it was a nice attempt,but generally a bit more esoteric than needed.

message 2: by Beth A., Head Hostess (new)

Beth A. | 145 comments Mod
I am tempted to try a rewrite but I'm not sure if it's really possible.
So much would be changed to allow for a build up it would probably be completely different. I might as well write something new.

message 3: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Massiah (MalcolmMassiah) | 9 comments I’ve contemplated sonnets long enough,
And now I think I ought to have a stab;
I’m not that sure about romantic stuff,
But general this and that seems rather fab.

Wordsworth’s general sonnets aren’t my thing,
Although he’s written some that are sublime;
And Milton’s verse just doesn’t make me sing,
I read them once and thought they wanted rhyme.

But I like Daniel, and Shakespeare too;
The English sonnet better suits my style;
And so it seems I’ve got some work to do
Which ought to keep me busy for a while.

So, behold, I’ve written my first sonnet,
All I have to do is build upon it.

message 4: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Massiah (MalcolmMassiah) | 9 comments NOW Cupid, once, he made a fool of me,
He struck me with his wayward, golden dart;
And all at once I felt sweet agony,
Just like a glowing ember in my heart.

I heard a voice; then something caught my eye;
An orange butterfly came into view;
And then again that voice, this time, said ‘Hi’;
I slowly raised my eyes and there stood you.

Smiling you asked, ‘May I have a light?’
And suddenly my heart was all aflame;
I’m sure I fell in love at that first sight,
A random victim of the love-god’s aim.

You took a light then left, I felt confused,
And on my puzzled heart I sat and mused.

message 5: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Massiah (MalcolmMassiah) | 9 comments Now here’s my bloody sonnet for today,
A trifle for my daily exercise;
It’s best I try to keep it light and gay,
Tho’ truly I am full of heavy sighs.

My muse has been holding himself aloof,
Yet condescends to text my mobile phone;
He says he thinks poetry’s for poufs!
When will he give this dog a friggin’ bone?

These rude, unpolished rhymes are from the heart:
If I should catch that mischief-making God,
I’ll wring his scrawny neck and break his dart,
And fling his poxy carcass ‘neath the sod.

So what if poetry is somewhat queer,
We all know Shakespeare was a sonneteer

message 6: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Massiah (MalcolmMassiah) | 9 comments One’s trying very hard to find one’s voice,
The problem is one’s sounding rather stiff;
It seems to me that one has little choice
Than take a break and chillax with a spliff.

If ever I should be Prime Minister,
My first act would be legalizing weed;
I’ll make the law like Roger Bannister,
By which I mean with record-breaking speed.

I’ll make the House of Commons speak in rap,
To be an inspiration to the youth;
To make a change from all the usual crap,
I’ll have the politicians speak the truth.

I’ll be the number one at number ten,
Because the weed enhances acumen.

message 7: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Massiah (MalcolmMassiah) | 9 comments Now to myself this comes as some surprise
I’m sitting writing here a tuneless song
My rusty hand’s in need of exercise
For I’ve been far too lazy for too long

In honeyed indolence I’ve spent my days
I’ve watched the changing colours of the year
I’ve watched the passing seasons through a haze
And so my memory may not be clear

I smoke a spliff and sip at my champagne
A poet’s life is not an easy one
A little sunshine and a lot of rain
Is hardly my idea of having fun

The layman sadly seems so unaware
An honest poet’s life is full of care.

message 8: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Massiah (MalcolmMassiah) | 9 comments Perhaps you can find some inspirtation from the following book. I did.

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