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Brandon Strehlau Hey what do you all think of this book if you havent read it yet read it because i think its really good

Elvita I agree. It was a great book, very readable, with a surprisingly likeable main character.

Gina It was very good, and interesting to see such a trying time through the eyes of a child and an impoverished German family.

Bernice I was told from such and interesting perspective. Imagine, a whole book written from the perspective of "death".

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C.P. Lesley I loved this book. Could not put it down, literally. Finished it in a day, or at most 36 hours.

Carina I love this book - I had not heard of it until it was reviewed by a site called Mark Reads and I just found his reviews to be so interesting I knew I had to read it.

Despite knowing how the book ends I could not help but feel all the more emotion at what comes before - even though Death himself hints at it. I think this book really shows how wasteful war can be and the effect on peoples lives it has even if they are not directly involved.

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I meet the author! it was amzing! he came to our school and i got my book signed

Marija *I'm nothing but a slave of my misery* This book was AMAZING!At first I was not sure to read it because it was all written from perspective of death but now I'm glad I did!It was interesting to see that the Germans suffer too and to see that they are humans like everybody else (well, some of them...)

Delaney I liked this books. It's one of my favorites. :)

Farah Hamandi Niks{if idiots flew the world would be an airport} wrote: "I meet the author! it was amzing! he came to our school and i got my book signed"
lucky you

Annie this book is amazing. i really liked it how we saw the war through the viewpoint of a german child. we don't often see the effects of the war through the germans point of view. Death and Rudy were my favourite characters. Death is just amazing and Rudy is just plain awesome.

Helen I really liked this book. What hooked me was the fact that Death told the story. Definitely a different approach. The day-to-day living of the people in this neighborhood was presented very well and made me more empathetic towards the ordinary families who were just trying to survive not only the bombs dropping from the sky but their own friends, neighbors, and government.

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Vivi It´s such a good book! I read it a couple of years back and I still cherish it! I always recommend it, and for me it is much better than The boy with the stripped pijamas. What amazed me, was the narrator and how in the end you could feel he had a heart! Beautiful, beutiful book! It´s a dear to my heart!

Shamara I had to read this book for class it gave me a headache...So I didn't like it very much. But I see a lot of positive reviews here so I might look it over again.

message 15: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy This is probably one of my favorite books of all time. I've read it at least 4 times, and I love it more with each re-read.

Amelia This book made it on my favorites list instantly. I don't often find books that take me by surprise, but this certainly did. The POV and the elevated level of vocabulary and description were my favorite features.

Lorraine I love this book & I've recommended it to so many friends. I was surprised to find I liked Death, the narrator, and his unique perspective on the human race. He's not the familiar grim-reaper-with-scythe figure but a weary individual trying to keep pace with the increased death rate with which the ingenious human race has presented him. And I love any novel that reminds us of the power of words and books.

Amber It is a beautiful book. Loved it.

Elizabeth This is one of my favorite books ever! I love the perspective from which it is written. I could not put it down. I'm always amazed at the imagination of really good fiction writers and the ability for great authors to put things into words that completely captivate the reader. Markus Zusak is both of those. I recommend this book to everyone. I even bought this book for my dad (an avid reader as well )in Spanish. He LOVED it!

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Rachel Hall Not only do I love this book because it has originality, voice and is incredibly moving on so many levels, but also because it was a nice progression in the style of the author. I think the story is incredibly powerful because it touches on some of the most basic of primal emotions such as love and hate and uses a well known historical event and an unusual narrator as the stage for this harrowing tale. While it is often categorized as young adult by most book stores, don't be fooled, there are very adult elements and themes, just younger main characters. But yes, I love love loved it, in fact I'm fairly positive it's already on my favorites shelf!

Denise Loved, loved, loved this book!! Have lent it out to others who fell in love with it too...this book will always have special place on my book shelf.....

Michelle Loved it!!

Rachel Alice One of my favourite books ever. I can't seem to read it again though; I keep trying but can't get past the first 150 pages just because I know what happens at the end.

message 24: by Barb (new) - rated it 5 stars

Barb I just loved it. Any Holocaust book is great

Maura I loved it :)

Charlotte M A heartfelt story and beautifully narrated...... After reading the book it makes me wonder if i appreciate all the small thing around me enough...

Katelyn It was great! At first I had to read it for school, and so I flipped quickly through it- thinking that any book recommended by the school would be awful. But by the last page, I ended up having this strange desire to read it again...and now I don't know if I'll ever forgot Hans Hubermann, Liesel, or Rudy. Such amazing characters..

Janet It's a wonderful, very moving story about a terrible time in history. Part of its beauty is that the story was told from the perspective of a young girl whose parents were trying to save a young Jewish Man during Nazi Germany.

Chris While this book isint in my top 5 favorite books, it just might be the best book i've ever read. The author's way with words kind of stunned me.

Kendrastarr this is an incredible book....but so depressing!! people say the The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is really sad, I don't think that they have read this book!! But I really liked it

message 31: by Barb (new) - rated it 5 stars

Barb I am reading Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum and it is very very good. I have read so many Holocaust books that are 5* so if you want to know more, let me know

message 32: by Lynn (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lynn This book was so hauntingly good, it is still with me. I loved it.

message 33: by Barb (new) - rated it 5 stars

Barb If I Should Die Before I Wake...Han Nolan is just as good....

message 34: by Lynell (new) - added it

Lynell This was a very moving book. Zusak did an excellent job of telling this story through the eyes of a young girl.

message 35: by Barb (new) - rated it 5 stars

Barb Did anyone of you read I am the Messenger by Zusak and if so, was it as good as The Good Thief?

Rachel Alice I Am the Messenger is very good, but quite different from the Book Thief, so it depends on your point of view.

Beth I think it's excellent YOUNG ADULT fiction, and I wouldn't recommend it to an adult unless that adult prefers the YA reading level.

Rachel Alice H99 wrote: "I just started reading I Am The Messenger. I think it's okay, but very different from The Book Thief.
Young Adult fiction? There shouldn't be age levels for books, unless it's a picture book with ..."

I know, sometimes I think perhaps I read books that are too young for me, then I think stuff it, I can read whatever I want.

And my mom loved the Book Thief, and she has extremely high standards where books are concerned.

Freddie Lupo it's just.... brilliant. A must read.

Daren Wonderful book. quickest read for me in a while also... the only weak point for me was the ending... it cleaned up a little bit too well.

message 41: by Ann (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ann This is one of my favorite books I've had the pleasure to read. I loved it and highly recommend it.

Kirby Beth wrote: "I think it's excellent YOUNG ADULT fiction, and I wouldn't recommend it to an adult unless that adult prefers the YA reading level."

I think it was only marketed as YA in the US, and mainly b/c the protagonist is young.

Miranda Hardy I LOVED this book. The characters were so lovable. I will probably read it over and over again.

Cheryl I've read this book twice. The authors way with words is breathtaking and his choice of death as the narrator was a stroke of genius. I can't say enough; just read it.

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Penny I loved this book, I think it should be on the school cirriculum for young people to read.

Carrie P One of the best Holocaust books I've read, mainly because of the original POVs (Death & a German girl) & how the author was still able to inject some heartbreaking humor into the story. Love Papa Hans & Rudy, the wannabe Jesse Owens. I especially love how Zusak taught us some German swear words, I mean, endearments: saumensch & saukerl & arschloch!

Heather Prescott By far one of my favorite books ever - excellent - I read Night by Elie Wiesel shortly after and they go great together!!!!! Even though I knew what was going to happen in the end - I still cried - its very rare that I cry, let alone over a book - but this eas excellent

GinAndCats I think it was amazing. <3

Shannon I loved this book sooo much! c:

Carey Shea I really liked this book. Such a heart warming story about a little girl who loves books. I highly recommend it.

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