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Group Read for GG's Birthday?

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message 1: by Helen (new)

Helen (helenmarylesshankman) | 247 comments Mod
A stranger with no shortage of calling cards: devout Catholic, lifelong adulterer, pulpy hack, canonical novelist; self-destructive, meticulously disciplined, deliriously romantic, bitterly cynical; moral relativist, strict theologian, salon communist, closet monarchist; civilized to a stuffy fault and louche to drugged-out distraction, anti-imperialist crusader and postcolonial parasite, self-excoriating and self-aggrandizing, to name just a few. --The Nation, on Graham Greene

Hey, Graham Greene group--
GG's birthday will be October 2nd. He'd be 98 if he was still with us. Anyone up for a group read and discussion? Maybe two shorts from the 21 Stories collection? I love them all, but right now, The Basement Room and The Blue Movie are jumping into my head. Who's in?

message 2: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jesstrea) | 412 comments Mod
I'll join in.

message 3: by Helen (new)

Helen (helenmarylesshankman) | 247 comments Mod
Do those stories sound good to you?

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jesstrea) | 412 comments Mod

Let's see if Sketch and a few others will join too--

message 5: by Sketchbook (new)

Sketchbook | 221 comments At the moment, alas, Im in Gibbsville (Wolcott) not Greeneland. (As you know, The Basement Room was made into a fine pic, The Fallen Idol. In the GG Film Review bk, he explains ms changes fr story to film. Both stories selected x Helen are terrif).

message 6: by Helen (new)

Helen (helenmarylesshankman) | 247 comments Mod
Thanks, Sketch. I agree, they are great stories. Well, we have a couple of weeks--let's see what happens.

message 7: by Sketchbook (last edited Sep 15, 2012 07:51PM) (new)

Sketchbook | 221 comments Btw, wouldnt GG luv internet porn, ie Blue Movie?

message 8: by Steve (new)

Steve Leach | 21 comments I'm happy to have the nudge to reread those two stories.

message 9: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jesstrea) | 412 comments Mod
Happy Birthday, Graham Greene!!

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Happy Birthday to one of the finest authors! I just happened to be eye balling The Quiet American last night as I was deciding which direction I would be heading in.

message 11: by Helen (new)

Helen (helenmarylesshankman) | 247 comments Mod
Happy birthday, to my favorite writer! I've never read "The Captain and the Enemy" and "Loser Takes All"--so I'm happy there are still Graham Greene books left to discover.

message 12: by Helen (new)

Helen (helenmarylesshankman) | 247 comments Mod
Sketch--GG and internet porn--ha!

message 13: by Sketchbook (new)

Sketchbook | 221 comments Yah, I was thinking of GGs reacto--! And a story he'd write.

message 14: by Helen (new)

Helen (helenmarylesshankman) | 247 comments Mod
Yup, he left us too soon. I would love to have read his reaction to the internet.

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