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Update a character or two from a book set in the past. Place the characters in today's culture—and invent a new life and give the story a modern twist!

In the city of New York lives our favourite characters, but they have bigger things to worry about than corsets and balls! Take control of the story - maybe Lizzy Bennet's mother is insisting that she should find a man, whilst Lizzy's heart is set on opening a bookstore...or even take a fairytale character for a spin!

Make the classics come alive as never before!


My character:

Name: Alyss Little
Age: 17
Bio: Alyss Little is an average teenager, with a secret passion for tea, hats and card games. But little does she know that the Queen Bee of the school, Carlise Redding - Captain of the Varsity Croquet Club - is out to get her, as Alyss threatens her status. With the help of her best friend Matt Hattington, and avoiding the dorky and irritating Greg Lapin, can Alyss deal with what's to come?

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L | 1252 comments (sounds amazing!*excited*)

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L | 1252 comments Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pride and Prada

Jane Elliot

Jane Elliot was an orphan sent to New York at the age of twenty, as an apprentice fashion designer to a Mrs. Seed @ Mastehead. Coming from a poor children’s home in the picturesque English countryside, Jane feels that New York is rough and strange and that she is strange in it. It is Jane’s overall demeanor and artistic talent alongside her creative flair that Mrs. Seed uses to her advantage, whilst her assistant Georgina takes most of the credit.

Jane Elliot

There was no possibility of taking a walk that day.

I had been given only fifteen minutes for my lunch break as Jimmy Choo’s agent was making an appearance, showing off to Mrs. Seed the latest spring collection. My plans of visiting the local bookstore Barnes & Noble down the next block was now dissuaded, as I glanced up at the shiny, stainless steel HEALS clock on the wall that read five to the hour. With tomato soup dribbling down my chin I swiftly began to run out of the nearly empty canteen towards the lifts, where I frantically pushed the up button panicking as I checked my old D&G wrist watch. Mastehead was a gigantic tower block in the heart of New York City, right in the centre of all the action, hustle and bustle that was full of energy and life. Having come from a rather sedate, tranquil beginning I was still trying to adjust to the fast-paced working life and rushed atmosphere where not one single person had nothing to do. Everyone was busy as the line of yellow cabs and motorists in queues outside said, as I slowly succumbed to the fate that I also would be constantly on the move, continuously with a list of jobs to tick off the list.


The lift door suddenly opened and flinging myself in I practically fell on top of a slender woman in black stilettos, her hair fashioned in such a way as to only be classified as eccentric. She was my employer’s main assistant and left hand, who organized her day and sorted out the fashion magazine so that it contained the required balance of photographic shots and information regarding new designs. To her I was just a mere nobody, a student who dreams to work alongside the big names and who does not deserve the title of ‘fashion designer’ as my sketches to her are meaningless. As I recovered my balance and huddled into a corner of the glass lift, I noticed that Georgina was clutching on her person Mrs. Seed’s personal notes on crafting outfits. She completely ignored me and by the time we both had reached the meeting room I felt a desire most great to staple pins in her head, as her cold and piercing stair was enough to tempt me, whilst she looked down her nose at me like you would a homeless person.

“Ah, there you are…both. This is Mr. Hocklemurst who is meeting with us today on behalf of Jimmy Choo and also Ralph Lauren, to discuss new clothing designs and inspired ideas.”

As I slid into a discrete corner of the room and took out a notepad and pen from my shoulder bag, I looked at those other individuals within the room who were listing attentively to Mrs. Seed, hanging on her every word as if they were her disciples. There were four other fashion designers in the room, two of them being apprentices like myself and also one known as John Lewis who was said to be already ‘going places’ and soon to leave Mastehead. Mr. Hocklemurst was an elderly man in his late fifties wearing an ill-fitting, pinstripe suit and pointed leather shoes. He wore a most severe expression and as I gazed into his piercing blue eyes all I could see was the coldness that lingered there, like a harsh bitter winter. As everyone fumbled around with sketchings on large pieces of paper I made my way over to a manikin and began to trail pieces of fabric over the figure, looking down at an array of drawings on a nearby table done by my own fair hand.

“Ah, there she is! Are you by any chance a Jane Elliot?”

Spinning around on my heel and nearly jumping out of my skin I found myself face to face with Mr. Hocklemurst who had dragged along Mrs. Seed with him, both now standing peering down at my work with displeasure. He puffed and blowed as he rummaged through my drawings of summer dresses and fabric patterns for skinny jeans, as Mrs. Seed just stood glairing at me as if she would rather be elsewhere. Once satisfied that he had completely re-arranged what order I had placed things in, he then looked me in the eye and spoke most candidly.

“You are good at your work and talented for an apprentice but you do not have the great vision or inspiration to become a great designer. I was however surprised that Ralf Lauren took an interest in your designs for the summer collection, with florals and black & white as a theme hence he has recommended you to a colleague of his….keep up the good work.”

I was stunned, standing open mouthed rooted to the spot as I watched him walk away over towards another designer. I did not know however that this would be the catalyst that would change the course of my entire future, as I was set to leave the company of Mrs. Seed at Mastehead and her spiteful, bitch of a protégé Georgina. I was told in an email (of all things, not even a letter or in person) by Mrs. Seed herself that she had no longer any need of me and since she disliked me so much she would be therefore most happy to wash her hands of me entirely. I would be thus removed from the City centre and taken to a smaller company on the edge called Lawnfield, and be placed under the employment of a top clothing company director called Mr. Glotchester.

It was then that I realized; that even for me life had its gleams of sunshine.

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Alyss Little:

Uploaded with

"Move, move!"
"Damn it - I almost tripped-"
"Ick, I just tasted her perfume..."
"And I said to him that I was-what? What is it? Oh, crap, it's her, let me just move over so she can get past-"

So was the flutter of conversations as Carlise Redding stomped through the main corridor of Darlingwood Highschool, her totally-against-school-regulation two-inch high heels clacking like a foreboding melody that rang ahead of her, alerting the other students to her arrival.
Head held high, her nose so pointy it could have popped a balloon and with long red hair that she wore in an elaborate up-do, Carlise' no-nonsence expression was enough to strike fear into the hearts of every girl who beheld her.

Every girl, except Alyss.

"I'm betting three inches," whispered Lilly Dumphey - Alyss' close friend - as they slipped into homeroom.
"No way," Alyss said, raising an eyebrow.
"Totally! I mean, her skirt wasn't that short last term - she must have taken at least two inches at the least off of it. It's not like it makes her look hotter, either. I heard Chris Churchill say that she had tree-trunk legs."

Alyss rolled her eyes and took a seat in the desk beside the one Lilly had dumped her stuff on. For some reason unbeknown to her, Carlise was always the topic of conversation for the first five minutes of everyday, and for the first three days of term. Today was day 1. "Who cares, Lil? She's just a whole lot of ego stuffed into a miniskirt and stilettos."

Lilly was scribbling on a piece of notepaper - in the middle of her daily 'pen test' to make sure all of her pens were in working order. It was an OCD thing, but Alyss was used to it. "I don't know, Al. But you have to admit, she's popular."
"And snotty."
"And has a pet cat who looks like its face has been sat on."
"And hates Chunky Monkey icecream."

It was the last revelation that caused both girls to pull faces. How anyone could diss ice-cream, neither of them could fathom.

Alyss smiled at her friend. "Anyway, enough of Carlise - are you coming over this afternoon?"
Lilly sighed. "Let me guess - we're playing cards."
"And drinking tea."
"Ah, yes - yes, we are."

Alyss drummed her fingers on the desk. "Because cards are awesome and tea is sophisticated."
Lilly was re-organising her pencilcase. "Look, Al - I know that your Dad taught you how to play every card games under the sun, but's no fun playing cards with you - you always win!"
"I do not!" lied Alyss. Lilly gave her a look. "Fine; but only because you refuse to let me teach you."

"I like being an amateur, thank you," sniffed Lilly. "I excel at tonnes of other things."
Alyss grinned. "Like gardening?"
"I read a book on aphids and crop damage the other day," Lilly said excitedly.
"Sounds thrilling."
"Oh, it was!"

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Rachel (velliya) | 424 comments Name: Jeremy Atticus Finch (To kill a Mockingbird)
Age: 17
Bio: Jem and his 14 year old sister, Jean Louise (Scout) live with their father, Atticus, their mother died when Scout was little and it's an event that haunts Jem regularly. Atticus is a brilliant lawyer, one of the best in New York. He is highly respected up until he agrees to a case that will force the kids to fight for themselves, their honour, and everything that they believe in.

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Rachel (velliya) | 424 comments JEM FINCH

Calpurnia, our maid, had obviously decided that she'd open my curtains at the crack of dawn, for I woke far before I would've liked to the sun streaming through my window.
I got up, only because sleep was now impossible, and went down stairs.
Atticus was already awake, drinking coffee and reading the paper like he always did it the morning. Scout was up too, but she always got up this early to practice one of the a million sports that she plays. Today it was soccer, she was running outside, kicking the ball and scoring almost everytime.

She is such a tomboy, she has a short pixie cut head of brown hair and she always wore a t-shirt with skinny jeans and converse shoes. The only day that she broke this style was on Sunday for Mass, Calpurnia had to tackle her to get into a dress but even she could not get Scout out of her converse shoes. It was a strange look that no one but her could pull off, but she achieved it.
"Morning Jem." Atticus said, looking up from his paper. "Did you sleep well?"
I nodded and sat down at the table, Cal soon served me a plate of eggs and bacon which I ate with joy. I forgave her then for waking me up early.


Kick. The ball flew once again into the net. I was about to go get it and shoot again when I herd Cal call from the kitchen.

I went inside to see that Jem was up. He looked like a zombie and it made me laugh uncontrollably.
"You." Cal said to me, "Go shower! It's the first day of term so hurry!"
I did as I was told and when we were both ready, Atticus dropped us at school on his way to work.

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Alyss Little:

"Well if it isn't Rabbit Girl!"

Alyss gritted her teeth and looked up from her lunch to see none other than Carlise Redding and her gang - Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber, Kathleen and Tilly Thompson. They were twins who wished they were triplets...with Carlise. So they copied her every gesture and had her wardrobe choices memorised. Today, all three girls wore identical red blouses and black headbands.

"That joke is so old, Redding," Lilly piped up, shooting Carlise a disgusted look.
The joke sprouted from fifth grade, when Alyss had brought her pet rabbit into school. It had gotten rather excited, to say the least...on Alyss' pants. From then on Carlise had utilised the incident to try and get one up on Alyss. But it hadn't even made a dent in the facade Alyss had created for herself.

"Did the carrot just speak?" Carlise asked, and her peeps laughed. Lilly raised a self-concious hand to her red hair, her pet insecurity.

Alyss sighed. "Look, Carlise - just leave us alone and go back to pep-talking your minions."

Carlise opened her mouth to say something when a voice from behind her said, "Is there a problem here?"

Carlise's cheeks flushed red and she stammered, "No - no. We were just going." She straightened and shot Alyss a poisonous look. "I will deal with you later, loser."

She turned and fled, and Alyss' saviour watched her go with an expression of distaste on his face. "God, what a bitch."

"Thanks, Matt," Alyss said. Matt Hattington gave a short bow and took a seat across from her and Lilly.
"No prob. Anytime."
"Remind me why she listens to you again," Lilly said, biting into her hamburger.
Matt shrugged. "She still thinks I'm going to blackmail her."
Lilly snorted. "Rhys' party?"
Matt grinned. "The very same."
"She'd be busted if you spilled."

Matt shrugged again and opened his can of Sprite. "Not my problem. I couldn't care less."
"What you've got is gold!" Lilly insisted. Matt ignored her and his eyes met Alyss'. They both thought the same thing. Carlise Redding just wasn't worth the time of day.

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Anna (SylviaGrant) | 160 comments Name: Angelica Knightley

Age: 19

Bio: Angelica Knightley's father, Fredrick died when she was 5 years old and she has never forgotten him despite the fact that he was always traveling and rarely home however, as for her mother, Helena, Angelica would rather spent time in her study reading books than spend time with her mother mostly because she is always match-making her daughters and Angelica is the last one.

Appearance: (

Current dress: (

Pets: Ajax (a corgi puppy) and Solomon (her horse).

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L | 1252 comments Anna wrote: "Name: Angelica Knightley

Age: 19

Bio: Angelica Knightley's father, Fredrick died when she was 5 years old and she has never forgotten him despite the fact that he was always traveling and rarel..."

I love your character! It will be interesting to see how she is in the twenty-first century.

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Anna (SylviaGrant) | 160 comments Thanks Lucinda!!!!! I really love her too!!

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Name: Katie Earnshaw
Age: 17
Bio: Katie is in love with her best friend Heath, but also has affections towards Eddie. She needs to figure out who she really wants before they both disappear.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Katie Earnshaw

Grabbing my books out of my locker, I couldn't help but wonder where Heath was.
"Katie!" a voice called from behind me. I swung around to find Eddie waving at me.

"Hey Eddie" I said lightly, turning towards the lunch hall.
"I just wanted to walk you to lunch" he said, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

As we walked into the lunch hall, I could see Heath talking to Carlise Redding, Queen Bee of the school.

As we walked to a table, Heath seemed to notice us and a look of anger crossed his face quickly. He simply lifted a hand and waved.

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Alyss Little:

"Alyss," Matt said after school as we waited for the bus. "Have you thought about applying for Rose Queen?"

The Flower Festival was one Darlingwood's biggest events and the title of Rose Queen was coveted by all highschool girls - like some kind of sign from the heavens that they had been proclaimed the prettiest and the most wonderful in front of the entire world...when, in reality, all it was was an announcement, a plastic crown and a photo to frame to show your kids.

Carlise had been Rose Queen for three years in a row. So I guess she had three frames.

I raised an eyebrow at Matt. "Ah, no. And why would I?"
"Because you have a good chance of getting it." Go Matt. Don't beat around the bush, buddy. Just say it like you think it.
I sighed and said, "Look, Matt-"
"You're letting Carlise bully you into being nothing but Alyss 'Carrot' Little. You have to knock her off her throne."

"Can you just drop it?" I didn't mean to snap, but I was losing my patience. Matt always did that to me. Brought up Carlise. Told me to stand up to her. Knock her down a notch. Be some kind of 'heroine' to our school and become a new, improved Alyss.

Newsflash. I was just Alyss Little - the Nobody. The girl who could barely keep up with her Math homework, let alone revolutionise the highschool hierarchy.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Katie Earnshaw

"Hey Alyss, hey Matt" I said as joined them at the bus stop "What's happening?"

Matt smirked "I'm trying to convince Alyss to run for Rose Queen"

I clapped along with a little squeal "Yes! You must do it! You know we'll help!"

She shook her head slightly, but then opted for a topic change "Where's Heath?"

I looked down at my feet "Off with Carlise" I mumbled.

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Alyss Little:

I gave Katie a small smile in sympathy. "Again?" I asked. "She, ah, moves fast."
Katie sighed as got on the bus, adjusting the shoulder strap of her schoolbag. "You have no idea."

Matt grabs us seats at the back of the bus - Matt and I sharing one and Katie in the one in front of us. She turns around in her seat to continue our conversation, trying to put on a game face after our Heath-related conversation. "So..." She raises an eyebrow at me. "I think we should discuss how we're campaigning."
"For?" I asked, dropping my bag into my lap.
"Rose Queen, Aly." Katie gives me a 'duh' look. "This year is your year!"

I let out a humourless laugh. "This year - like every year - is Carlise's year, Katie."
"Why?" Katie's lips thinned in anger. "Why should she get everything? Why, Alyss?" She took a deep breath. "She's already got Heath," she continued, lowering her voice. "Are you gonna let her have Rose Queen, too?"
"The lady has a point," Matt piped up, nudging me.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Katie Earnshaw

"Damn right I do! You have to beat her, for the sake of all us 'nobodies' " I said, ending the last part with air quotes.

Alyss sighed "At least let me think about it okay?"

Matt and I exchanged looks and nodded.

"Can I hang with you guys this arvo? Don't particularly want to go home and listen to Hilton crap on about football" I groaned at the thought of my older brother.

Alyss laughed "Of course, we're not doing anything exciting though"

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Alyss Little:

Matt held a hand to his heart. "I beg your pardon," he exclaimed, donning a British accent. "Playing cards and drinking tea is a thrilling to pass the time!"

Katie giggled at his silly outburst and I rolled my eyes. "Lilly will be joining us as well," I told Katie. "She had to go pick up her little brother from pre-school."

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Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) | 35 comments ((Oooh this looks really interesting, may I join?))

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Woolfie wrote: "((Oooh this looks really interesting, may I join?))"


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Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) | 35 comments ((Ahh I think I have just the perfect guy:p))

Name: Edward Fairfax Rochester

Age: 19 (But acts older)

Bio: Ed enjoys nothing so much as watching his victims squirm on the verbal hooks he baits them with. Caustic of humour and supremely convinced of his own opinion. Expelled from Thornfield Academy for a prank that went awry (caused a little pyro incident), of which he will not speak to anyone, he left England to start his life anew in the New World, though perhaps he is doing to to avoid someone or something. Not all together welcoming of new acquaintances, he can come off as rather rude and self-opinionated, but truthfully, he's looking for a challenge worthy of him.

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Rachel (velliya) | 424 comments Jem Finch

"Joining you for what?" I asked, sitting next to Matt after he guestured for me to come over.
"Tea." Alyss said brightly. "Care to join?"
Matt and I said a glance that left us both in hysterics.
"I guess that's a no." Alyss frowned.
I shrugged. "I guess I'm not a Tea kind of guy."

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Katie Earnshaw

I shrugged "More tea for me then!"

Alyss nodded "and we can beat you at cards too!"

Matt snorted "That'll be the day"

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Sue (youvebeensued) Okay, here's mine:
Name: Joanna Stephens
Age: 17
Bio: A peppy, teenage girl, who has come to live with her father in New York. New school, new people and everything new scares Jo. But, then again, she's in the fashion capital of the world. Aspiring to become a famous fashion designer like her mother, Jo wonders what "the city that never sleeps" has in store for her.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Alyss Little:

The bus stopped and we got out.

"Sure you're ready?" Matt asked, quirking an eyebrow.
"To win?" I replied sweetly, Katie letting out a laugh. I turned to her and added, "Matt never wins."
Matt huffed. "One day."
"Don't hold your breath, Matt."

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Sue (youvebeensued) Joanna Stephens:

"Hey sweetheart", Dad walks in my room.
"Hey Dad", I reply without looking at him, busy shoving my books in my bag.
"You do know that school is tomorrow, right?", he says suppressing a smile.
"I know, Dad. I just everything to be perfect!", I say as I turn around to face him.
Dad walks up to me. "You'll be great. Don't panic so much", he says as he kisses my forehead.
I take a deep breath. "I think you're right", I say. "Maybe I can take a walk outside, breathe in some fresh New York air!", I smile at him.
Dad smiles back. "I think that'd be great!".
My bedroom door opens, and Fred, Dad's assistant walks in.
"Sir, Mr. Smith has arrived. You have to be at the meeting in an hour", he says politely.
"Yes, Fred. I'll be there", Dad replies. He turns to me, "I gotta run darling. Enjoy your walk. I'll be home by 9. Okay?"
"Sure, Dad", I say. Dad hugs me and leaves. And there goes the great business tycoon of New York, leaving me alone in my world of perfection. Okay, I maybe do need some fresh air, before I get too dramatic.
I grab my black Converse, and leave, jogging my way out.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Katie Earnshaw

As I followed Alyss and Matt down the street, I couldn't help but think of Heath and Carlise together, and how best to plot my revenge.

Ha, revenge. As if.

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I fished it out to read the text. It was Heath.

You didn't wait after school. What happened?

Ugh. That's just so... Heath.

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Alyss Little:

A chubby house sat in the place of '34 Wonder Street' - it's window frames bright shades of red, the window boxes over-flowing with flowers of all different shades, shapes and even scents, tangled together as if leaning over to tell their neighbours the latest gossip.

Just past the cobblestone pathway that led from the gate to the front porch, was a pond - one of my grandmother's many garden statues, a fat caterpillar with a pipe in its mouth, sitting on the small strip of land in the middle of the pond's murky depths.

A pair of flamingo-pink croquet mallets lay in the tall grass - probably left their by Margaret, my older sister. She had a habit of forgetting to put stuff away, and she and her friends liked to play croquet on the weekends, laughing, sipping ice tea and talking about boys.

Lying dejectedly against the side of the house was a worn ladder and beside it on the ground sat a bucket of red paint, unopened. Our gardeners, Tom and Tim Dumbell, had offered to re-paint the sides of the house for my grandmother - but Carlise's mother, Mrs Regina Redding, had snagged them to do her house instead, snubbing my grandmother and taking what she wanted without the slightest consideration.

Sort of like her daughter.

I opened the white gate and held it out so Katie and Matt could enter. We headed up the path, the porch steps creaking beneath out feet as we ascended - the porch swing swaying in the fickle summer breeze that always failed to make an appearance when most coveted.

I reached for the door handle - and then sighed heavily when it turned out to be locked. Katie peered over my shoulder. "No one home?" she asked.
"Oh, no. She's home." I cleared my throat and then rapped hard on the door. "MARGARET!!"

After a few moments, I heard the lock click and the door swung open to reveal my sister. Tall, willowy and with dark blue eyes, Margaret looked anything but like me, her hair a milk chocolate colour to my blonde - something she had gotten from our absent father, whereas I'd gotten my hair from our deceased mother.

Margaret sighed, a magazine shoved under one of her arms. "Alyss. You didn't have to shout."
"The door was locked," I said, moving past her into the house and beckoning the others inside. They followed and Margaret shut the door behind us.

"Don't be noisy," Margaret told us, not bothering to apologise for the locked door or her obnoxious attitude.
"We won't be," I patiently replied, waiting until she was out of earshot to mutter, "Yet."

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Katie Earnshaw

"What a bundle of fun, as usual" Matt said to Margaret's retreating back.

Alyss sighed "Let's just go get some tea"

We followed her down the hall and into the kitchen where I plonked my bag down and started helping Alyss with the tea. Matt wandered off to find some cards.

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Sue (youvebeensued) Joanna Stephens

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Anna (SylviaGrant) | 160 comments Shall I begin?!

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
(Whenever you want to :))

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Anna (SylviaGrant) | 160 comments Thanks.

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