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His Majesty's Dragon (Temeraire, #1)
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Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo (eiyah_fantasyfreak) | 149 comments Mod
Temeraire from the Temeraire series!

Cole (spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
Yes!!!! I love him so much!

Cole (spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
So let's talk about the relationship between Temeraire and Iskierka.

Cole (spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
I want to be Temeraire's, move aside Lawrence!
I think Iskierka is a great new addition to the gang. She brings a lot more life to the books and is a very interesting character in her own right (even if she frustrates me at times). You can't help but to love them!
However, I am not sure about a Temeraire x Iskierka pair up. I have had my reservations on it. I can't really put my finger on what bothers me about it. Maybe the same thing as your point Alexis, I just Temeraire to be Lawrence's and Lawrence to be Temeraire's. Not realistic though. They deserve to branch out, it will make them better characters! So I think I am slowly warming up to the fact that they might be a couple, at least as much as dragons are.
Do you guys remember Mei? The dragon in China that Temeraire liked. I ask Naomi once if we would see her again and she said yes!

message 5: by Dead (new)

Dead (marcwashere) | 53 comments I haven't read this one.

Cole (spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
Marc wrote: "I haven't read this one."

You have to read this series! It is one of the best dragon series of all time! And I am not exaggerating!

message 7: by Dead (new)

Dead (marcwashere) | 53 comments cool.

Cole (spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
Alexis wrote: "Haha, you can only have Temeraire if Lawrence dies (don't die, don't die, my heart will be broken!), and I don't get there first. You had me laughing aloud with that one!

Yeah, I agree with your o..."

You are right, I did spend a couple of minutes laughing to that one! Thanks! But you know I am going to win over Temeraire!
Yeah, I am so excited to see her!
Back to Iskierka; she wants an egg, but we all know that she isn't going to get one from Temeraire.

Cole (spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
Alexis wrote: "Yeah, that's why she frustrates me."

That can't be the only thing that frustrates you? Hahaha!
Anyway, what do you about what Novik did here? Why would she make Temraire only compatible with other Celestials? It is a good plot device!

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Dead (marcwashere) | 53 comments Hey, you guys should join Zombies

message 11: by Cole (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cole (spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
Alexis wrote: "Yeah, it's a great plot device. It makes things interesting and more desperate, with the dwindling numbers of Celestials and no real way to replenish their race. A pretty common theme, but as alway..."

Okay, night!
Iskierka is frustrating for so many reasons, but we all still love her!
And you can say that she is a great writer as much you want, it is true!

message 12: by Cole (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cole (spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
Marc wrote: "Hey, you guys should join Zombies"


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