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Short term giveaway

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message 1: by Dominic (new)

Dominic Carney (antarcticbear) | 1 comments Good day and abject apologies for 'gatecrashing' but I have only just found this group and the giveaway I am running on Kindle ends in 3 days.
Please jump through this window of opportunity while it is still there! Just go to Amazon and find Icarus Rising by Dominic Carney in Kindle ebooks. It will be available to you at zero price until midnight PST on Sunday 16.
It's an action thriller about Climate Change. And how to fix it. The good guys are environmental scientists; they are pitted against Big Oil.Much of the action is in the deepest Antarctic.
I'd love yout thoughts when you've read it.
Best wishes, curl up and have a good weekend.
PS. If you don't have a Kindle just download a free app for your Smartphone, PC or other device.(less)

message 2: by Simon (new) - added it

Simon Rosser (sirosser) | 3 comments Mod
Hi Dominic, i'll give this book a try, having written 2 ecothrillers myself, i'm sure i'll enjoy it!

message 3: by Mark (new) - added it

Mark Alan (MarkAlan) | 1 comments Hi Dominic,

I would definatly like to read this. I wrote a ecothriller,I like to read what other's convey.

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