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Very bad book

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Mahmood Hussain Very bad and boring book. Writer simply brags about himself everywhere in the book. You are only gonna like this if you are one of his idiotic facebook fans. Technically, this book is very long with meaningless and unnecessary detail. This has been due to writer's never ending love for himself which seems to have raised to a level that it seems to be an incurable disease.

Piyush Vikram Singh I have read Richard branson, Indira gandhi, Kiran bedi and those seemed to be genuine!!This book doesn't seem to be that true!!I respect Musharraf for being blunt and quite forward in his thinking and explaining different facets of his life, but somewhere down the line it seems like a piece of fiction especially when he explains the circumstances in which he took over the reins of Pakistan and in the aftermath of the Kargil debacle from the point of view of Pakistan. Overall a decent book but doesn't seem to be 100% true.

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