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The waters of Mars

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message 1: by Zohal (new)

Zohal | 9 comments Mod
What did you guys think of The Doctor's attitude in this episode.

I was shocked and appalled but could also see why The Doctor thought all this. He was pretty scared of soon dying as I can remember.

message 2: by Marlene (new)

Marlene Ocampo (seeyouspacecowboy) | 5 comments My reaction was the same, but I also felt really sorry for the Doctor. He had been through heavy times, lost so many people that he cared about, and he was tired of seeming to always love. In the end, though, the Doctor can't control everything, and he is not all-powerful.

message 3: by Sidnee (new)

Sidnee I was kind of appalled too. I mean he really wasn't acting like himself...the Doctor does what is right even when it is extremely hard. But I think that they were trying to show how bitter he was at the time. But that's just my opinion.

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