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message 1: by Zohal (new)

Zohal | 9 comments Mod
Ok, so this is a thread where you can post your opinions on the first episode of the newest Doctor Who series.

My opinions

- I loved Oswin Oswald
- I couldn't believe she was a Dalek
- I liked the fact that The Doctor was more serious in this episode
- The parliament of the Daleks was impressive
- I was heartbroken at the destroyed marriage of Amy and Rory
- I was sobbing at the part where you found out why.

And much much more.....

So what do you Whovians think about the premiere of the seventh series ?

message 2: by Marlene (new)

Marlene Ocampo (seeyouspacecowboy) | 5 comments I heartily concur with all that you said! Oswin was fantastic. I was a little concerned about getting a new companion, but now that I've seen Jenna-Louise Coleman on the screen and seen her act, I cannot wait for her to take over the role in the Christmas Special.

The theme of "eggs" in the episode was pretty nice. Rory thought the Daleks just wanted eggs, bwahaha! Then it all seemed so sad and creepy when Oswin started talking about "eggs."

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