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Rachele was sitting on top of her desk

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"great! i took this AMAZING dance lessons. how was yours?"

(( gtg bye!!!))

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Greg Owens | 1 comments Aselem walked into the room and handed the teacher a slip then sat next to Rachel and looked down.

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"Hip hop and ballet" rachele said

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rachele looked at her "hi" she smiled

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rachele rolled her eyes at jess

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jason walked into class

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"good" he said "you?"

rick walked in behind him and sat on a desk

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"hi" rick smiled

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) Shayne walked into class not bothering to give the teacher a slip. She just gave a nod and the teacher smiled. She sat down at the desk on the other side of Jess.

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"so how was your summer?" rick asked arelia

jason was taking with jessica

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ Anne walked into the semi-clean hallways and was confused by the room number's patern. It was like they had split the lower numbers in the back and then went to the higher numbers too! She finally was too late to even care. She asked the first person she saw and asked him where her homeroom was.
When Anne arrived, the class was in a chattery state. Girls and guys were talking about Designer Bags while the teacher ate out of an apple and read Teacher's Weekly.
"Um, hello?" The teacher didn't even glance at Anne, she just kept reading like the magazine was the holy bible that taught lessons she needed to know. "Kay this school has good teachers."
Anne just picked up her book bag and went to the window.

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) Shayne walked up to Anne, "Hey, you new?"

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"mine was good." rick smiled

"hey jessica" jason said

((hey how come jessica hate rachele. its ok with me but i just wanted to know why))

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"nothing much." he shrugged "you?"

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"hmmm met and rick hung out, skate boarding..nothing reall great. you?" he smiled

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"i think it looks hot" jason said

"hi" rachele smiled

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) ((hey?))

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) (('sup?))

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jason smiled and looked down a bit

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rick sat down on a desk

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"well i guess we are waiting for the teacher to get here"

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TRistan woke up late and was running to school.

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Tristan slid into the her class room. She was so happy to have played 4 years of softball and soccer.

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"Yes. Hi My name is Tristan." Tristan was tired. SHe ran 5 miles to school.

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"I am fine. I think about 5 miles. I have ran more then that before. Nice to meet you."

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"Hello. So am I really late?" Tristan was scared she was going to be in trouble.

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"Oh good. I woke up like 20 minutes ago and what I am wearing took me .5 seconds to put on." Tristan looked okay.

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*Johnny slipped on his running shoes and turned on his Ipod strapped to his arm and he started to jog*

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((so what is going on?))

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*Johhny got to school finally but he got a good run* Well its time to get to english he said with a moan

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*He set his stuff down and walked to a diffrent classroom with the others*

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Hey Jess hows it going?... *He looked over at Arelia* Hey Arelia how was your summer?

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rachele was sitting on her desk

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How did your summer go Jess?

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((No he isnt he has a diffrent class but its the beggining of school so there is time to get ready so my character is just here to hang))

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jason smiled

rachele glared back at jessica

((its funny cause they hate eachother but idk why))

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I pretty much just stayed outside the whole summer.

Hey Jason are you going to tryout for the football team?

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jason nodded "me and rick were going to try out"

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"what?' jason, rick, and rachele said together

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Thats sweet does Rick still have that throwing arm that he always has, becuase I need a good QB

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rick laughed "yep I've been working on it all summer"

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rachele smiled at arelia "sounds fun I'll be there"

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What do they have in the Cellar?

Well you better man I will be there to catch that ball as always.

*He looked over at Rachele and smiled a little*

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Yeah I will be there what the heck I have nothing better to do

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rachele smiled back then looked at jessica "yeah I'm sure we can get along for the night"

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rachele laughed

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*The bell rang*

Well I am going to go to English, keep your phones on vibrate ok

*he left*

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rachele smiled at jonny and headed to social studies

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