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Wolfkin Personally I think this reals almost surreally similarly to Uglies. Especially (view spoiler). It's a good book and all but it's good for pretty much the same reasons that Uglies and The Hunger Games are good. All three have enclosed societies that are broken free from. Deviants and Uglies both have our heroine going BACK into the society for some sort of undercover scenario. Deviants and Hunger Games both have our heroine pining for both the boy from the closed society and the boy from the real world.

Heck all three take place after a catastrophic collapse of modern society. Interestingly enough very shortly after the collapse. In all three there are vestiges of contemporary society and memory is still around. It's not like these books take place so far past that people have forgotten things like malls. They're either still standing and/or still remembered on the outside.

I can't decide if any of this is a negative thing. Except for the ending I still liked the book so I guess I'm leaning toward "it's just the nature of the genre".

Neena I've read The Hunger Games series, so the parallels between the books were immediately apparent. Similarities would be forgivable, but I really thought that Deviants was a very poor second to The Hunger Games. I found the main character of Deviants to be a bit contrived, while Katniss was a complex and flawed character that you still couldn't help rooting for. I guess my main problem was that I just didn't get what motivated Glory, so she fell a bit flat for me.

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Kim This is the first series I am reading like this. I didn't think I would like the Hunger Games so I never read them, but after getting into this series and enjoying it I may just pick up the Hunger Games in the near future.

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