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What's your favorite verse novel?

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message 1: by Sari (new)

Sari Krosinsky (sarikrosinsky) Mine is Anne Carson's Autobiography of Red. It injects a dose of myth into the contemporary world in a wonderfully weird way. My only objection is the ending, or lack thereof.

message 2: by James (new)

James Venn | 1 comments Love that dog, by Sharon Creech. Besides being a touching story, its a genuinely inventive use of poetic form to argue the case for boys to read poetry. I've foudn the reading habits of some of my students really did open up a bit after introducing it into the class.

message 3: by HC (new)

HC (emeraldtulip) | 1 comments The Watch that Ends the Night by Allan Wolf

message 4: by Tammi (new)

Tammi | 2 comments So many, but probably my first, Your Own Sylvia. I did love the second two mentioned above, but have not read Autobiography of Red.

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