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message 1: by Sallie (new)

Sallie Griffin (salliebelle) | 13 comments rick riordan, Sara king, Quinn loftis, Brenda pandos, and Kelly Armstrong.

message 2: by Shirlee (new)

Shirlee (shirlee303) | 10 comments J.R. Ward, Diana Gabaldon, Kim Harrison, Karen Marie Moning, Christopher Moore,Charlaine name a few. ;)

message 3: by Sigrun (new)

Sigrun (ranugis) | 2 comments I'm not hugely into PNR, but I've usually liked the time-travel, shape-shifter, and a few other series that haven't been too violent. I tried reading a few vampire books but they seriously freaked me out. I've never been able to stand the sight of blood, unless it's my own and I need to do something so that I won't bleed to death. I can't even watch documentaries that contain operations and the like. And I have a sister who chose to do ER duty. Brrr. I couldn't even hold her leg up over the sink when she cut her foot while dipping in the Assiniboine River.

One of the first PNRs that I embraced--more or less-- was Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld Series. I have since met her at least twice. After all, she lives just a few miles from here and comes for a bookstore appearance around the release of most of her books. I also don't mind stories about "supernatural" abilities like seeing ghosts, hearing peoples' thoughts or the like. I know it's not likely, but at least it's not bloody.

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