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Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood okay, frist of all...she just learned that she'd became what Patch hates the most Nimphile (or however you speel it) secode, she didnt even know if he still wanted to be with her because of it. thred, she'd just got back her memory, forth, she thought, Hank was going to kill Patch when he pulled out one of his fethers, fith, she watched her actal "dad" die (well she bascley killed him herself . but still....) and sixth, she was out of her mind tride and about to fall asleep when standing up when he was giving thougs snings. so i can get why she didnt want to do it with him.

Isabel ramirez I agree with Nuran. Not everyone throws themselves at another just because they like each other. Sex isn't their priority. They'd much rather fix the problem that's bigger then them than fool around somewhere. I think they're being mature and responsible. I wouldn't mind them doing it, but I'm glad they're out there kicking nephilim and fallen angel ass.

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S.L.J. I think it's funny that patch is an angel and therefore related to the Nephilim. Patch and Nora are technically uncle and neice...creepy.

Wren I think she respects both herself and patch. When you love someone, there are other ways to show them.

Sydney Because their relationship isn't just about lust.

Halle I would have sworn I'd already posted, but apparently I hadn't. On this, I actually agree with Sydney (GASP!).

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Amy Sydney wrote: "Because their relationship isn't just about lust."


Mafalda in the end of the book she has fear of what will happen if they have a baby, because angel + human = nefilin, angel + nefilin = ?
I mean... angel + nefilin + contraception, eh nora? x)

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