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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. Picture book about girl who rides a bike...Possibly runs away?

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message 1: by Emma (last edited Sep 13, 2012 04:11PM) (new)

Emma | 35 comments I wish I could remember more, but that's all I can summon. I think the girl was tall in the illustrations, but that might have been just me. I read it in around 2003-2004. I think the girl was Chinese....Not completely sure. I'm sure there was a bicycle involved, and I'm fairly sure she runs away, or goes somewhere she's not supposed to.

message 2: by Andria (new)

Andria (airdna) | 2500 comments Mod
Hmm, not sure. Maybe Vera Rides a Bike or The Red Racer?

message 3: by Emma (new)

Emma | 35 comments Thanks, but it's neither of those. I don't think the bike was really the main part in the story. I just remember that the girl rode a bike. I think this is a fruitless search, I just can't remember anything else!

message 4: by Andria (new)

Andria (airdna) | 2500 comments Mod
Well, you don't have much information to build a search around, but for someone who has read the book, your description might be just enough to trigger their memory. Good luck!

message 5: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) Well, Lotta's Bike fits the subject line, but not the description, as she's def. not Chinese....

message 6: by Emma (new)

Emma | 35 comments Hmm...Maybe...Actually, I think she may have run off to a lantern festival or something? Or..some Chinese festival. Sorry, I'm not an expert on Chines festivals...I think she was forbidden to go to it? I don't know, is this ringing a bell for anyone?

message 7: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) I'm glad you're bumping this - sometimes it takes months or years to find a book, and this one is worth finding!

Have you explored the works of Laurence Yep and then the other related books and authors that show up?

message 8: by Emma (new)

Emma | 35 comments When I searched for the book online, I couldn't find anything other than this thread and some news articles about kids who ran away from home! I explored some of Laurence Yep just now, and it doesn't appear to be by him. I remember the drawings to be more cartoon-like.

message 9: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 37757 comments Mod
Emma, are you still looking for this book?

message 10: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) You'll have better luck jogging someone's memory if you come back and 'bump' this thread every month or two. Consider this your free bump for January, and come back sometime in Feb. with anything else you remember, or just type 'bump' as a comment.

message 11: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 37757 comments Mod
No response in more than 2 yrs. Moving to Abandoned.

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