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Dallas | 79 comments Mod
Audrina whacked the ball hard against the court in frustration. She had worked out hard all winter, spent long hours practicing, and now she was about to lose in the very first round. Maybe the critics were right: she shouldn't have joined the men's tour.

Now, though, she had to focus. She looked down at the strings of her racquet and picked some yellow fuzz out of them. Taking a deep breath, she lifted her head, and prepared to serve to the 6 foot 4 guy on the other side of the net...

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Yui (ilovegrendel) she served the ball, with a little bit of spin. she watched the ball go into the square. she was astonished. then she smiled. i did it! i made the serve in!!!!!!...

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Dallas | 79 comments Mod
Ace. Maybe she could turn this match around. She felt fit enough. Her parents cheered for her in the stands. On the next serve, she hit her hardest one of the day: 127 mpg. He couldn't touch it. She had won the game.

On the changeover, Audrina sat down and drank a little bit of water. Suddenly the cell phone she kept in her racquet bag rang...

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Yui (ilovegrendel) she flipped her phone open. "hello?"
"hey, Audrina! it's me....

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It was her mother calling from courtside.

"Your father has just walked out on us."

"Uh, Mom!?! Is this a joke?"

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Yui (ilovegrendel) "No, i'm sorry sweetheart. I can't believe it either, but..."
"Mom, this can't be-" she stopped talking. she looked at her winning racquet and sighed. it was a gift from her father.
"I'll talk to you later" Audina said and hung up.

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Dallas | 79 comments Mod
Couldn't she wait another time to tell me this, thought Audrina.

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Yui (ilovegrendel) Audrina felt like crying. but she couldn't cry right now. she was about to recieve her medal

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