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message 1: by Christine (new)

Christine (animecanuck) | 410 comments Hey, so I was in Chapters yesterday, looking for Ann Aguirre in the Sci-Fi section...

And I came across these two books - and had a really hard time to stop chortling and giggling. I wish I had taken a clearer picture, but I was trying to be stealthy while there was a saleguy right around the corner, so it ended up being blurry due to unusually fidgety hands...


YEAH! So I read the back of both of them, and they just sound like rather standard Sci-Fi, nothing special, and no mention of romance or smut to tie in with the implications on the cover. Those are apparently (according to the backs of the books) the 5th and 4th books in the series respectively. And then... Then I noticed an EVEN WORSE cover, on the 3rd book in the series about Flandry's father:

It's hard to see here on Goodreads, but that's Pa Flandry with a NAKED, BLOODIED WOMAN hanging off of him! I didn't read the back of that one.

But yeah, cheesy male-oriented covers, that don't actually sound like they'd be the male equivalent of Vaginal Fantasy, but who knows.

Had to share this with all of you - I was laughing the whole hour I was in Chapters because of these covers!

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael | 12 comments I am not recommending it per se, but in my opinion the Male equivalent of Vaginal Fantasy (Penile Fantasy?) would be John Ringo's Paladin of Shadow's series the first of which "Ghost" if rumor is to believed was written as pure erotica that his friends convinced him to publish.

message 3: by Jon (new)

Jon  | 91 comments As the owner of a penis, I almost feel obliged to comment, but find myself struggling to find a way to define the male equivalent to vf.
Does it even exist as a specific genre?

message 4: by Sara (new)

Sara (medusasmirror) | 34 comments Jon wrote: "As the owner of a penis, I almost feel obliged to comment, but find myself struggling to find a way to define the male equivalent to vf.
Does it even exist as a specific genre?"

I'm not sure what exactly it would be, but I'm pretty sure Clive Cussler has written lots of it!

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael | 12 comments The book I recommended above is really a lot like Clive Cussler with more sex. Though I remember reading the first of the Dirk Pitt books (Clive Cussler's main series) and being surprised at how sexist he was at first I guess it was a factor being written in the 70s.

message 6: by Christine (new)

Christine (animecanuck) | 410 comments Jon - I'm not sure... Perhaps there isn't really a genre. Are there any romance books for men? I mean, where it's a male protagonist looking for a woman - or at least looking to get laid? But yeah, I really just posted the images above because these Sci-Fi books (they really don't SOUND like they'd have any of that, according to the summaries on the backs, anyway) look like they'd be that type of book. I mean, really... So... soo cheesy. Am I right?

If there were male equivalent books - would you read them?

message 7: by Jon (new)

Jon  | 91 comments Yep, very very cheesy.
I read and enjoy most things my only real turn off is outright horror. So I'd probably give them a whirl.

message 8: by Tegan (new)

Tegan (joggiwagga) | 276 comments There's a lot of sci-fi with relationship as a focus from the view of a male reader. Whether or not its romantic is up for debate, but this club has made me realize that there's a lot of stuff I read that others may consider romance when I just consider it sci-fi or fantasy.

I think John Ringo's done a few books with sexy times from a male PoV (mind you, I've been reading ALOT of Baen published books lately, so I may have mixed this up), Heinlein's books have lots of sexy times (but are they romantic?), and if you get into it Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote stories about the pursuit of women (even if there is much smiting of one's enemies before). I mention the last because A Princess of Mars he spends most of the book fighting to get the girl, and then once he does he gets sent back to Earth and is fighting to get back to his beloved.

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