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OKay what do you want to do.

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Um how about boarding school romance?

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Uh what about... Do you want to hear one I just made up?

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The academy for elemental beings is a place for different types of species like werewolves, vamps ect. they teach how to countol your powers and such. acccording to your species you will live in different houses. The vamps would be in the dracuel estate the werewolves would be in the were estate and so on. so do you want to do this one?

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Sounds fun!:)

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Okay so I want guy if thats okay. :)

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Lol it's totally fine by me!:)

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Okay I'll make mine in a minute I have to go soon and what will your character's species.

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Okay I'll be a werewolf.

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How far do you go in romance.

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I'll go as far as u want

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Okay so all the way?

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I may skip the sex

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Want me to make my character?

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Yeah sure.

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Pic: http://data.whicdn.com/images/2435312...
Other: Vampire
Personality: caring, shy at times, sweet, loves to draw and sing. She's mean at times when shes in a bad mood and love to have fun

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Name: Eathan
Appearance: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_ywxilfOj-Z0...
Personnallity: Nice, Frienly, is a bit of a flirt sometimes.
Species: Were wolf.

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Cool!:) can u please start?

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Eathan walked down the halls of the school. (Do you want them to start out liking each other or they have to get to like each other.)

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((start liking each other))

Emma walked outside and into the school with a bag on blood in her mouth as she drank

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(Start out likeing each other?)

He walked down to his first class: countroling your powers.

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((wait, so they dont know each other yet and when they do they will like each other?))

Emma hummed as she walked through the halls

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(They don't know each other and they learn to like each other.)

He took a seat.

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Emma walked into class late and sat down in the back

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He sat down beside a girl in the back (Emma)

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Emma looked at him, smiling a little then took out her phone

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He smiled the took out his phone and texted someone.

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