Glass Houses (The Morganville Vampires, #1) Glass Houses question

shane, michael or myrin?
Amy victoria Amy Sep 13, 2012 11:07AM
So me and my friend can't decide whos better, personally mine would be shane or myrin, she prefers micael what do you recon can you help us sort it out?

Myrnin of course i love him!!!<3

Myrin. His character is just brilliant, I get funny looks when I'm reading the books and he makes me laugh out loud:P

Piya yes... That would be so awesome!
Jan 09, 2013 11:31AM

I would rather Michael coz hes a ghost. Woo hooo

i though i was the only one wanting more myrin in the books he was crazy but romantic and he new what he wanted i love that


Shame Oliver isn't included in this XD
I LOVE all three of these characters - Shane for his sarcasm and quite powerful personality, Michael for his loving side and kindness, and Myrnin for his weird and quirky character.
I also love Oliver because I never feel certain of whos side he is on, one moment he seems evil then the next helpful and like a savior haha

I love Myrnin! He is just so much fun :)

Michael or Shane :3

Michael or Myrin!!..iLike Shane just as a friend though.:)

All of them hands down - each has their own traits, whether it be patience, sarcasm or a well defined funny bone... what they all have in common is their hottness.. but I love all of them :)

Myrnin or Shane
But I think claire should get turned into a vampire
Claire and Shane are perfect for eachother
But myrnin is just so funny and sweet and just myrnin-y


myrnin all the way, hence my username XD

All of them. For one there all funny. Just not as funny as Myrin. 2 there all hot.

oh gosh ummm Myrin ><

I'm sorry, but do you think that this series should have less books? There are like sixteen books in this series.I agree with Megan. If there' no Myrnin in the series, I'd have stopped reading them ages ago.

Myrnin or shane. I love Myrnin's character he's hilarious! & i just love shane!

Myrin. I am in love with him. I just couldn't help it :)

Myrnin! :)


Myrnin <3

then Michael

Myrnin is the main reason I still go on with this series! Though, I suppose the amazing story has a lot to do with it, too. Myrnin just tickles my funny bone and I can't help but to love him :)

omg no love for michael?? he's such a babe :) either michael or myrnin ;)

Jazzabella ~*~ Catherine~*~ I like Michael but more as a BFF kind of way then anything :)
Oct 27, 2012 01:37AM · flag

Michael! He's so asjhakjdhfka

Myrin! Just love his weirdness.

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