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((The palace of Regalia is where the royal family and other associates of the royal arms live.))

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ella  | 158 comments Mod
luxa:"and who might this be?" said vikus "...." "let me down!" aura obayed and dropped the girl and supriseingly enough she landed on her feet.-ella:"what is with you people?!" i half said half shouted. "vikus will u take care of her? i have urgent matters to attend to." "ah yes the intruders dont forget to see ripred he might want to be there." ripred? whos ripred? ug i dont have time for this! befor i could say anything the girl and the bat took off.

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ella  | 158 comments Mod
ella: "pleas excuse my grandaughtor she can be a bit short temperd" the older boy had taken the younger one in alredy so it was just me and the old man. "may i ask? what is your name?" "macadam nut" "what an odd name" i heard him mutter. "yeah well vikus is pretty strang to..." then i relized what was off about them there skin... was transpharent 0.0 "her name's not maca- moca- whatever she said it is ella she told me. i growled at him. "ah what a delightful name now hazard could you go help howard with that matter he needs help with?" "uh huh." the boy scamperd off. "now then let me show you to the bathing area and then well take it from there." he lead me into the castle and gave a woman some instructions that i did not pay attention to. "huh?" i said once i relized she said something "i said pleas follow me to the bathing area." hmm that did sound like a good idea since i have been living in the woods on the run for some what the hay. i followd her around the corner and there was a locker room of sorts she pointed out the important things and went to wait out by the entrance. after i was done i looked for my clothes and spotted the strange clothes i saw the other humans whereing. i put it on and then went to work on geting the sandals on. finealy i went out and the woman took me to see vikus.

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ella  | 158 comments Mod
ella: so what is this place?""it is the underland-" just then a gaurd ran up to us and told vikus something so fast i did not catch it. the old mans face turnd bone white. and he started walking quickly away i of cours followd him and after a while we reached the top and he jupd on his bat i got on the back to well i barely got on in time someone threw something up here and i grabed it. "huh whats this?" i said reading it

Dear gregor,
i am sorry to alert you in such a manor but it needs to be done we have been invaded by ...well we do not know exactly we have sent luxa a while back and she has not returnd we think we might have also found a prophecy to revive ares we sent this note up with a girl named ella i know she has a part in this and there are many new people in the prophecy that we have not met yet we need your help.
~ vikus
"well i guess theres no pressure on this gregor guy and wait a sec i'm going to deliver this?!

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