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Daniel A↓↑ A↓↑ (MrMasterSword) | 141 comments Mod
((The suburbs is where the lower class or working class lives.))

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ella  | 158 comments Mod
ella: as i struggled we came nearer to a dock and i started fighting the rope with all my might and i was yanked up higher to the bat as it decendid in wide dizzying loops un til my feet were tuoching the dock i could see large men rushing up to meet us they were in strange cloths well now i could see the other kids more clearly i saw they were whereing the same typs ((i gtg ill be back around 3 or 4 bie))

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Daniel A↓↑ A↓↑ (MrMasterSword) | 141 comments Mod

message 4: by ella (new)

ella  | 158 comments Mod
(( im back))

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ella  | 158 comments Mod
"ma'am our scouts have spoted invaders we do not know who they are or what they are" "are they rats?" luxa said i snorted "yeah like you guys are afr4ade of some little rats" they ignored me except the boy who looked only about 6 or 7 siad, "what is you're name?" wich i replide "none of ur bear hunny kid". he looked confused and i tryed to stand up but the bat yanked me back down "bear hunny?" the kid said "yeah you know bears eat hunny...?" he looked even more confused "nevermind" "well mine is 'hazerd'" i looked at him shook my head then said, "look kid im ella and i have no clue as why you want to know my name" i said. i started to worke with the knots and pulled i got them loose and stood up the bat tryd to yank me back down but ended up falling over. i smirked "aura!" said the girl and rushed over to the giant bat

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ella  | 158 comments Mod
luxa: i helpd aura up and glared at the girl. "now to address some new things." i said still glareing at the girl. "who are you and what the heck were you doing jumping into the water for?!" "ha ha very funny like you dont know." "uh ya i don't know!" "well then i guess ill be on my way. bye." the girl started to walk away and i gave the signal and aura flew up and grabed the girl in her claws. i hopped on her back. the guards went with us to the palace and there at the docking place ((i forgot what it was called)) stood vikas

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