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Which one of the Characters in "The Hunger Games" should have one besides Katniss & Peeta?
Asher Freidberg Asher Sep 13, 2012 08:53AM
Who Do You Think?

What about Lavinia, the avox girl? I've always wondered about her. Rich capital girls don't up and flee into the wilderness without a good reason. She made it to Twelve, maybe she was going to join the rebellion in Thirteen. But how would she know about that? Who was she? And what about the boy who came so far with her only to die?

i dont think that the mean ones should win. i liked rue and thresh and foxface. i really didnt care about the others

Foxface, I think should have won. Damn those sweet berries of death...

Have one what, exactly? Their own story? Rue.

Should have won? Cato should have won because he was the most efficient killing machine.

Nichola I spent ages tring to work out what 'one they were referring to until I read your comment Jeni ...more
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In terms of emotional attachment it should have been Rue for sure.
In terms of who deserved to win/was the best suited to win it should have been Cato or Thresh.

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Yes Fox Face or Rue

I would always want Katniss and Peeta to win but if I had to choose...then it would be Rue or Cato (would've been Clove if she didn't want to kill Katniss soo badly...)

To be honest i would have to say Cato.He was head strong and was focused

I'd say Finnick,Rue,Thresh or Annie

deleted user Finnick was in the second book.
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Foxface probably would've won if she hadn't eaten the Nightlock.

I think personally either Foxface or Rue should have one. OR Clove. She wasn't all blood thirty and ravenous. She was just a little girl who wanted to go home.

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Any one of the important tributes like Rue, Thresh, Cato, and Clove. It also would have been cool to see everything through Effie or Cinna's eyes.

Had Katniss and Peeta not won, Cato most likely would have won but who should have won was either Thresh or Rue. Should and would are two different things.

Why does everyone like Cato? i hate that fat pig! he was ruthless my god...

Who should have won is Rue or Thresh and who could have won is Cato and Foxface.

I had a strong respect for Thresh after he let Katniss walk free - it was nice to see some District pride, what with him leaving her go because of how she had treated Rue.
For a while, I actually wanted him to win.

So FoxFace, Rue or Thresh...or maybe Cato, because I'd like to hear things from teh point of view of a Career.

Maybe Cato or Clove. Because maybe they weren't very heartless and ruthless and whatever...less. They were trained to kill, and maybe that was the only thing they knew how to do.

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