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message 1: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 384 comments Mod
I heard from Sybil, who was in charge of November’s book, but as I mentioned before, she’s expecting her third baby in December (and works full-time), so we’re letting her off the hook from leading discussion in early December. So, your options are:

1. Devote November to the Hunger Games trilogy, as Carol suggested, unless y’all have Hunger Games fatigue.
2. Stick with Jodi Piccoult’s 19 Minutes and someone else leads discussion.
3. Someone (perhaps a new member who hasn’t chosen a book yet?) can pick a different book and lead discussion.
4. Lump November with December and make our holiday hiatus a month longer.

Whatever y’all decide makes no difference to me, as I’ll be in a sleep-deprived, newborn-phase fog and thus opting out myself. Ready, set, VOTE!

message 2: by Carol (new)

Carol (cajonesdoa) | 640 comments Mod
I like Options 1, 2 & 3. We have people that have joined the Book Club that have never made themselves known again. Would be nice to have one of the newbies either pick a book or take over the 19 Minutes. I've been wanting to read that too. We could combine Books 2 & 3 of the Hunger Games, as they read quickly from what I've heard. Not a very definitive vote here, easy to please.

Best wishes with you Miss Ashley. You've done a great job. If any of us can help you with administrative duties, feel free to give lessons and I/we'd be happy to help!!!

message 3: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 115 comments I have already read Hunger Games to death..its a easy read to do on your own.

I have also read 19 mintues so I can lead disscussion in December on that if everyone wants....keep it simple.

message 4: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 251 comments Why not extend the hiatus to two months? I tend to be as crazy in November as I am in December.

Also, I definitely have Hunger Games fatigue.

message 5: by Meghan (new)

Meghan | 115 comments okay I change my vote....extend hiatus. I like this idea the holidays are insane.

message 6: by Carol (new)

Carol (cajonesdoa) | 640 comments Mod
I was going to head to the library this morning to pick up November's Book, then realized I didn't know for sure what was being picked.

Did we decide to take a November break? I may read 19 Minutes anyway and finish my Hunger Games....just some thoughts.

message 7: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 384 comments Mod
I was under the impression we're on break for November . . .

message 8: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 251 comments Seconding Ashley on the whole "break" thing. Not that I've read the past two books ... but I thought there was no attendant reader guilt attached to this month and not reading the next book club book ...

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