If You Could See Me Now If You Could See Me Now question

Andy Andy Sep 13, 2012 06:48AM
Back them when I first read the book, a movie featuring Hugh Jackman was supposed to be in development... But as the years went by, and no movie came out, I must say i'm a bit dissapointed, since it would have been wonderful to watch it in the big screen.
¿Do you think there will ever be a movie version?
And if you think so, who do you imagine should play Ivan and Elizabeth?

I really hope if theyre going to make a movie, its a MIND BLOWING movie with every single book detail(perhaps in the ending Ivan and Elizabeth do end up together despite the odds). For Elizabeth, I hope they cast Stana Katic, She's the right age and an AMAZING actress. For Ivan, Steven Strait? Hugh Jackman would be pretty nice for the role as well. For Luke, I have yet to think up a child actor good enough.
I really REALLY hope that its going to be an amazing one if it will ever be released!

I hope there won't be any ._.

Rebecca Barrow I agree...seriously hope it doesn't emerge! ...more
Nov 23, 2012 06:47AM

I would say, Tina fey as Elizabeth, for Saoirse maybe Lindsay Lohan, for Ivan Jim Sturgess

If they do a movie I hope they do it right, because PS: I love you movie was horrible... js.

I'm note sure if I'd like to see this book made into a movie. As always there is the possibility that the result sucks. But I also think it would be great to see how they'd make the scenes with Ivan work, you know, switching between what Elizabeth and/or Luke see and what everybody else sees.

As for the casting, I'd hate seeing Katherine Heigl as Elizabeth, she already ruined "One for the Money" for me. I think Cate Blanchett or Rachel McAdams or Charlize Theron could be great. And Ivan - ah that's tough! maybe David Tennant or Ben Barnes. Haha I'm so glad I'm not in charge of the casting :D Karen Gillan would make a great Saoirse though.

F 25x33
Duong Hoai Thanh i agree with you :D David Tennant or Ben Barnes may be suitable to play Ivan :D
Apr 15, 2014 06:37AM

I think that Eddie Redmayne should play Ivan. I saw "Fantastic Beasts..." and I see this playfulness in him that I don't think Hugh could portray. I think that Elizabeth and Ivan are around their thirties. Don't get me wrong I think Hugh Jackman is a good looking guy. I liked him in Kate and Leopold, but that was many years ago. I see him as being a bit old to play Ivan. Not sure who I'd want to play the other characters.

I hope there will be one. I see Hugh Jackman as Ivan and maybe Katheryn Higle as Elizabeth or Drew Berrymore. Hope there is gonna be one.

I hope there won't be any movie. After seeing how they ruined PS: I Love You, I really don't want her to let her works turned into bad movies. Every single book she writes has the prospect to be a nice movie, but I just hope there won't be any.

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