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An Explination (MUST READ)

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Here we live in Transylvania as a human or vampire. Not Stephne Meyer's vampires, the origanals. Though, you dont have to be as ugly, if you want. There are no rules to how to roleplay (besides good grammer, see rule box.) This also takes place in Dracula's time, just a little more modern.

The people of the town of Dracula dont beleive in Dracula anymore. But then people start to disappear. They dont want to believe he's real, so they make up excuses that the people got lost in the forest outside his castle and vanished, or were eaten by a wolf or bear. The vampires who live in the town keep themselves hidden, and stay under the rule of Dracula...

Dracula has a few rules for the vampires of his town:
1.) Never take more than you need. Break the rules, die.
2.) Keep to yourself, as to not gain attention. You may talk to eachother, but no group of killers are allowed.
3.) Never reveal your true identity.
4.) Rising above me, or trying to, will result in death.
More will be added as time goes. Keep checking this maybe three to five times a month just in case.

Dracula has spoken.

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 32 comments Draqula jr...has not spoken. haha.

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