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Halle (thePotterHead) | 24 comments Mod




Special Skills:


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Halle (thePotterHead) | 24 comments Mod
Name: Bramble Edge

Age: 16

Appearance: long, midnight curly hair; eye color: swirls of blue, green, and gold; tall, slender, and tan; extremely pretty

Personality: Sarcastic, shy, intelligent, trusting, curious

Special Skills: writing, good with words and speaking, great liar

Other: lived in Empire all her life, looking for something she thinks is beyond the wall, Daughter of an Elite

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Name: Hazel (doesn't have last name)

Age: 16

Personality:Does not show weakness. Extremly shy. Mute.

Appearence: Bushy blone hair that she never combs. Stunning purple eyes with a tint of sky-blue. Lean figure. Not really pretty, but not ugly.

Special skills: Great drawer. Sneaky, always stays on task. Can fit in almost anywhere. Oh yeah, she can read minds to some extent

Other: Hardly remembers outside of the wall where she was born. Thinks there was some kind of chemical explosion that aloud her to read minds but become mute. Parents dead, but she lives in the heavenly streets of Empire where being homeless isn't really that bad.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 4 comments Name: Jadelyn West 'Jade'

Age: 17


Personality: Jade is somewhat mean and rude to many people. She doesn't like being told what to do and often points out that she's doing something because she wants to, not because someone told her to. She has a macabre sense of humor, as well as somewhat sadistic tendencies. Jade hates many things for various reasons.

Special Skills: She is a very talented actress which is why she great away with so much.

Other: She grew up in the empire with her cold and judgemental father.

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Bridie-No excuses. No apologies. No Regrets Jones (BridieJmentalisticdragon) | 1 comments Name:Rory Wild


Appearance: description

[image error]


Personality:In short Rory lives up to her name, she is one wild badass young woman that you will never forget. She is fierce and loyal. Sarcastic and witty. Hot headed as hell and can kick some arse when she wants to, she's not just a survivor, she's a fighter.

Special Skills:She likes to read and is a true writer at heart. Rory also has a skill for street fighting and using knives. As for how she learnt those things well....its best not to ask.

Other:Rory grew up for most of her life on the outside with her father and brother, but when they were killed she was carted away, against her will
to the inside, a place that is meant to be so perfect, but Rory hates it, perfect, yeah, not her thing at all. She is determined to escape the confines of the walls and get back to the life she knows on the outside.

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Name: Ryder Way

Age: 19

Lives in the Empire, for now.


Personality: Daring young man who questions the total goodness of the Empire. He is rebellious/reckless to the point of stupidity, but loyal to the death to those he loves. He's pretty passionate about what he believes and loves with his whole being. Sometimes though, people and things leave him utterly heartbroken which is killer.

Special Skills: Thinks for himself, won't listen to the Empire's propaganda. Super loyal.

Other: Cut himself on those days when nothing feels right or when he's just had his heart stepped on and crushed. Scars linger from it and mostly he hates himself afterward. They serve as a reminder and he wears them without much ebarassment.
Also has connections with which he has been to the outside, though he lives inside.

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Halle (thePotterHead) | 24 comments Mod
(( how did i guess the name and appearance? ))

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((Hehe. How could you not? Hell, even the personality is very nearly identical, just slightly tweaked to the situation...))

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Halle (thePotterHead) | 24 comments Mod
(( You didn't say if he lived in Empire or on the Outside. ))

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((inside. I'll add. But almost a spy, without meaning to be, inside.))

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Halle (thePotterHead) | 24 comments Mod
(( oh. okay. ))

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas  | 7 comments Name: Nayalai (Nay)
Apearence: Very dark skin, Long straight black hair she always keeps in a braid, and golden eyes.
Personality: Quiet, strong type, Shyes away from anything related to having friendship.
Special Skills: Can convince anyone of anything, good with languajes, great at climbing
Other: Born at the Empire but maneged to escape, focus on warning outsiders of the empire and its prisonly hold

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Kate Kid (KateKid) Name: Arrow Yagami

Age: 16


Personality: Hard headed, loving, hides her feelings until she explodes.

Special Skills: Archery, reading people, and hand to hand combat.

Other: Was abandoned at 10 years old.

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