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Amelia (ameliarobinson) | 49 comments Mod
[image error] Trickster's Choice (Daughter of the Lioness, Book 1) by Tamora Pierce

Through these books, I've found that I prefer reading books about spywork rather than those about becoming and being a knight. That being said, I preferred "Trickster's Choice" over the Alanna Books. Another reason could be because Aly came a fully formed character, set on her ideas and beliefs while we watch Alanna grow and mature from a child to a young woman.

Question: Which series did you like better? Did Alanna seem different in "Daughter of the Lioness"? Do you think Aly has any similar traits to her mother?

message 2: by Araceli (new)

 Araceli | 18 comments I believe that I like the Alanna books better than the books about Aly. The Alanna felt like the starting of the story, the original for me. I thought it was great to see of how Alanna proved that she was just as capable as the other boys in becoming a knight. The way that she hides her gender really reminded me of Joan of Ark and what she did to save her country.
I think Alanna did seem different in the "Daughter of the Lioness"; she seems a lot more careful about what she does, and tries to involve herself a lot in what her daughter is doing, offering her the best ways to be a good spy. I think that Aly and Alanna share a good amount of spunk and bravery that they have in common. I enjoyed both series though. Always in my top ten. Go Tamora Peirce!

❦✮ Sophie ✮❦ (sophie_the_great) | 12 comments Yeah, I liked the Alanna books too, for the same reasons as Araceli. However, I liked that the Daughter of the Lioness books didn't incorporate sex and romance that much, unlike the Alanna books. But the Song of the Lioness was a tad more original. Still, I loved both...

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 Araceli | 18 comments Yeah, that's true. I love both too.

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Lydia Hall (lydiahall) | 2 comments the alanna books are my favorite, but both series are totally awesome.

message 6: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 18 comments I actually missed not seeing the character development in Aly. I just like getting as much info about people as I can so I can understand them better. The way Aly explained herself was that she all of a sudden changed who she was ("grew up") and I missed seeing who she was before, I just felt like I was missing information. Mostly I just hated that the twins seperate again. I wanted to see the twins together after having Alannas twin Thom die so young :( But I was very dissapointed that it didnt incorporate the romance much after getting this discription of Aly as a flirt and barely seeing any of it because she changes. Especially not specifically seing what was going to happen with Kel in that department.

Maybe I just like the romance stuff because I'm 21 ;)

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Both series are good but i prefered Alanna, I wish there was more on Aly growing up it only mentions snipps of her childhood in The Immortals (when daine goes to Pirates Swoop)

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